Innovation and technology with creativity is all that your handles doodle? If yes, welcome to one of the most fascinating design fields, the graphic design industry.

Grabbing the attention of the global audience, the graphic design industry has marked its foot in various industries ranging from entertainment to retail management.

As the industry marks significant progress, why not be a design expert in the graphic design field?

If ready, then it is time for you to pursue diploma graphic design courses at top colleges as ours, LISAA School of Design by 2024.

Get to know more about the graphic design diploma course via this blog.

What is a Diploma in Graphic Design?

A Diploma in Graphic Design is an academic course designed to educate students on the primary principles of graphic design, its techniques, and nuances in a shorter duration.

This graphic design course is offered for a duration of 1 year and can be pursued by students right after their 12th. Developed with significant importance to hands-on training sessions, this course is offered as a graphic design diploma online course as well for the convenience of the learning minds.

Here are the course highlights of the graphic design diploma course.

Course Highlights of Diploma in Graphic Design

Duration1 year
Eligibility CriteriaThe basic eligibility criteria to pursue a diplomain graphic design courses Bangalore at LISAA School of Design are as follows:
Candidates should have completed 10+2 in any recognized board at any recognized educational institution.
Admission ProcedureAdmission to diploma graphic design courses is offered by conducting entrance exams and personal interviews to identify deserving candidates.

What is the syllabus and course curriculum of the Diploma in Graphic Design?

A diploma in Graphic Design is a complete industrial education package as it covers only the essential industrial graphic design aspects in a shorter duration of 1 year.

Within this 1 year of duration, students get to learn the following subjects in diploma graphic design courses.

Semester ISemester II
Fundamentals of Design:
● Elements of Design
● Principles of Design
● Color theory and Colour schemes
● Typography and Web Typography
● Grid Systems for Web Page Layout
Introduction to Adobe Illustrator:
● Introduction to Adobe Illustrator’s workspace
● Vector file formats
● Creating assets for wire-frames and mockups
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop:
● Introduction to Adobe Photoshop’s workspace
● Creating Gradients and Pattern fills
● Raster file formats
● Preparing images for websites
User Experience and the Web
● Introduction to Internet & Web Technologies
● What is UI and UX
● Website Development Workflow
● Organization of Data – Sitemaps, wireframes and mock-ups
Data marking with HTML5:
● Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver’s workspace
● Marking up data for web pages using (X)HTML and HTML5
● B.E.M Model
Styling HTML5 documents with CSS3:
● Styling text and other elements
● Box model and positioning
● Testing web pages for browser compatibility
● Upload and launch of a website
Javascript for Dynamism:
● Basics of JavaScript
● JavaScript and form processing
●  jQuery library
Responsive Web Design:
● Media query
● Image optimisation
● Bootstrap Framework 

Moving on, let us get to know who should pursue this course and what are the skills needed for it.

Who should pursue a Diploma in Graphic Design course?

  • Individuals who have a strong interest in visual arts and want to build a career in graphic design.
  • Professionals from other fields looking to switch careers into graphic design. A diploma can provide a fast-track, hands-on approach to acquiring necessary design skills.
  • People with a strong interest in visual arts and design who want to develop their skills for personal satisfaction or freelance opportunities.
  • Professionals in marketing, advertising, or public relations who want to understand design better to collaborate more effectively with designers or to create basic visual content themselves.

What skills do you need to pursue a Diploma in Graphic Design?

Here are the skills that one should have to pursue graphic design diploma courses.

Creative Skills●       Artistic Ability
●       Creativity and Innovation
●       Passion for Designs
Technical Skills●       Proficiency with Design Software
●       Digital Literacy
●       Photography and Photo Editing
Communication Skills●       Visual Communication
●       Verbal and Written Communication
●       Story Telling
Soft Skills●       Organizational Skills
●       Project Management
●       Problem Solving
●       Detail to Attention
●       Analytical Skills
●       Adaptability
●       Collaborative Spirit

Now, what is the career scope on completing a diploma in graphic design?

What is the career scope for a Diploma in Graphic Design?

Marking a great growth, the graphic design industry has left no doubt for career opportunities. Young minds with professional skills in graphic design are welcomed greatly in the field as it is expanding rapidly.

Take a look at the graphic design industry development below.

Source: Statista

So, wondering what are the career opportunities available in the graphic design field with a diploma? Here they are.

Career OptionsAverage Salary
Web DesignerINR 4 LPA
User Interface DesignerINR 6 LPA
Brand Identity DesignINR 6 LPA
Motion Graphics DesignerINR 4.5 LPA
IllustratorINR 5 LPA
Art DirectorINR 5 LPA
Design ConsultantINR 7 LPA
Creative DirectorINR 6 LPA

With a diploma in graphic design, you can find jobs in multitude industries which includes the following:

  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Real Estate

On the whole, graphic design diploma courses unlock a wide range of career opportunities in a wide range of industries as well. So, pursuing this course at the top college as ours, LISAA School of Design, also leading as the one of the top fashion design colleges in Bangalore will be a best choice in 2024 after 12th.


Making a final note, we would suggest that 2024 is the best time to take up graphic design diploma courses for a great career in the design and related industries. Spark your creativity and make a career out of it with a diploma in graphic design.


  1. Is a diploma in graphic design worth it?
    Yes, a diploma in graphic design is worth pursuing as this course educates strong professional graphic design skills which can unlock a great range of career opportunities.

  2. Which Diploma in graphic design?
    Diploma in Graphic Design is a 1 year course on graphic design that educates industrial oriented graphic design concepts and skills.

  3. What is a graphic design career?
    A career in graphic design is making designs for various industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, medical, retail, etc.

  4. Is graphic design still in demand?
    Yes, graphic design is still in demand as it is implemented in a wide range of industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, real estate, etc.