Professional Diploma in Fashion Design

diploma in fashion

Diploma in Fashion Design enables students to build a career in Fashion & Textile Design. Students are trained in skills and tools to become a professional Fashion Designer.


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Diploma in Fashion Design and Fashion Product Management (One Year Course)


  • To impart knowledge in fashion design, retail management and fashion industry.
  • To prepare the students with necessary techniques like drawing, color, material usage, CAD, etc., used by designers throughout the world.

Semester 1

Module 1: Fashion Design and Illustration (50hrs)

  • Elements and Principles of design
  • Color schemes and colors psychology
  • Introduction to fashion and garment industry
  • Introduction to world fashion
  • Introduction to design process, development of mood board, development of design collections for garments

Module 2 : Basic of pattern making and garment construction (50 hrs)

  • Introduction to pattern making, terminology, tools and equipment’s
  • Introduction to sewing machines, types and their parts –functions
  • Introduction to measurement and its importance
  • Fabric preparation for garment construction, principles of layout
  • Drafting of basic bodice, skirts and sleeve
  • Conversation of basic blocks to different styles
  • Introduction to sewing techniques likes seams, tucks, pleats, gathers
  • Making of 3 different garments

Module 3: Textile science (30 hrs)

  • Introduction to natural and commercial synthetic fibers
  • Important properties of fiber.
  • Types of Yarn
  • Different types of fabric and weaves
  • Brief introduction to dyeing and printing

Module 4 (30 hrs)

  • Fundamentals of CAD, Design process
  • Basic coral draw- tools, motif development and application
  • Basics of Photoshop
  • Logo designing and application

Module 5 (30hrs )

  • Fundamentals of Production management
  • Word / Advance excel
  • Planning and costing management on excel

Project 1 (50 hrs)

Semester 2

Module 6: Advanced pattern making and garment construction (55hrs)

  • Dart manipulation
  • Pattern making and construction of frocks (2 types)
  • Pattern making and construction of salwar suits (2types)
  • Pattern making and construction of blouses ( 2 types)
  • Development of design collection (5-6 garments)

Module 7: Computer aided Fashion Design (30 hrs)

  • Basic Croquie – features/ hairstyle, different poses.
  • Flat Designing of casual, formal wears
  • Flat Designing of sports, beach and nightwear
  • Flat Designing of party and bridal wear.
  • Adobe photo shop- Draping( casual, formal, sports, beach, night, party and bridal wear)

Module 8: Fashion ornamentation (30 hrs)

  • Introduction to hand embroidery stitches 15 types
  • Introduction to traditional embroidery of Indian
  • Learning Free style embroidery and fabric manipulation
  • Learning of Tie-dye and block printing methods

Module 9: Fashion merchandising (45 hrs)

  • Introduction- Fashion industry buying house, export home, domestic selling, whole sale and retail marketing sourcing of fabrics and trims
  • Different departments in garment industry
  • Merchandising- Role of merchandiser, sample, production, quality, visual merchandising
  • Plan collection
  • Production planning
  • Documentation- export document, technical pack and others
  • Costing studies
  • Entrepreneurship- boutique, industry, market serve

Project 2 / Portfolio (80 hrs)