LISAA School of Design trains designers and managers in the fields of Fashion Design, Interior, Architecture & Product Design, Graphics, UI/UX, Animation, Video Games, and Film Making.

Interior Design & Business Management

Masters / PG Diploma in Interior Design & Business Management in association with JNTE. The student will have a good knowledge in Architecture and Design.

Fashion Design & Business Management

The PG in Fashion and Retail Management is program designed for talented individuals wishing to specialize in Fashion Management.

Interior & Product Design

LISAA trains Interior Designers – Product Designers capable of entering diverse sectors of the Interior Design and Product Design industry.

Fashion & Textile Design

LISAA’s Fashion Design department offers training in fashion design, patternmaking & textile design. Offering Degree and Diploma Courses in Fashion Design.

Graphics, UI/UX, Illustration & Web Design

Communication using Graphics, UI UX is critical in society. LISAA’s Graphic Design department is best rated in the world by many independent organization.

Animation, Game & Multimedia Design

Animation, Multimedia and Film Making Design

Diploma in Graphic Design

LISAA’s Graphic Design department is rated one of the best in the world providing Higher Education in Graphic Design, UI/UX & Web Design.

Diploma in Fashion Design

LISAA trains with techniques required for Fashion Design e.g Drawing, Color, Material, CAD, Fashion Illustration, Garment Construction & Pattern Making.

Diploma in Interior Design

LISAA’s unique approach to Interior Design curriculum trains designers capable of entering diverse sectors of the Interior and Product Design industry.

Foundation Year

Foundation Year is the First Year of Higher Education Courses provided at LISAA.

Recent updates on LISAA School of Design


Tanzeela Banu (Bachelors in Graphic, Illustration 6t Web Design) 2015-18

The multifaceted exposure that I received at LISAA through design projects, internships and guest lectures positioned me to make my mark globally as an entrepreneur. LISAA is a multi-culture mix: you can innovate from experimenting and experiment from the innovation, The Journey at LISAA taught me to look further than I can see.

Tanzeela Banu

Nihas R (Bachelors in Interior Product 6t Environmental Design) 2013-17

Nihas R

LISAA was a major change in my life. During my enrolment, back in 2013, I learned to see things and analyze concepts in a completely different way. LISAA is one of the biggest reasons I am a successful designer today, Currently I am working in Dubai for one of the Global Design Firm. Thanks to the amazing staff and teachers, I was able to discover new ways of creativity. It was the best decision I have ever made and I consider myself lucky to have pursued my studies in such an environment. The Reason Why I choose LISAA over other college was at LISAA the approach is entirely different and their learning by doing teaching Pedagogy is amazing.

Nihas R

Kiran (Bachelors in Graphic, Illustration & Web Design) 2015-18

Kiran G D

LISAA is truly a unique place offering unique programs, a place where you can grow and develop skills in a dynamic and challenging way, but motivation to do so is key! Personal effort is just as important as the material you learn and the group workshops you will do during the course. The Graphic, Illustration & Web Design program allowed me to expand and hone my professional skills I never knew I had like critical brand analysis, design strategy and trend research, to name only a few. It’s an invaluable experience with insight and guidance from brilliant professionals who have really worked in the field.

The Teachers here are like Family and we share a different bond which has helped me to open up and inculcate things at broader level, I also had opportunity to Intern and that gave me insight about time management, deadline.


Afaq Anwar (Bachelors in Fashion & Textile Design) 2015-18

Afaq Anwar

This journey at LISAA has changed me as a person and as a professional, I have had all the freedom to experiment, I have learnt things into details at LISAA School of Design and had wonderful experience wherein I got opportunities to learn from faculties from across the Globe. I am now confident to do well and rule the Fashion World.

Afaq Anwar

Raja Pugalia (Bachelors in Fashion & Textile Design) 2015-2018

raja pugalia-testimonial

I am from a business family and have always aspired to do ordinary things in existing system extraordinarily well and LISAA I had the opportunity to explore new ideas and skills. I have realized training at LISAA will help me to take my business to next level. LISAA gave me a wide range of expertise and options that I had to choose from. I was prepared to be a professional of the fashion industry and to deal quickly wit the tasks I have to face as a Fashion Stylists. Being a LISAA alumni helped me to create a professional network which is able to increase my possibilities as a Fashion Designer.

Raja Pugalia

Smiral Shah (Bachelors in Graphic Design) 2015-2018

smiral shah testimonial

I had unique and academically fulfilling experience at LISAA. The classes are not like normal classroom, they are very interactive and peer discussions are carried throughout the sessions. The relationships among teachers and students encourage us to think out of the box, I have always felt the sense of freedom to portray my style and I also had opportunity to complete my internship which I got through campus placement which provided me insights in how industry works.

Smiral Shah