Professional Diploma in Graphic, Communication & Web Design

graphic design diploma

Diploma in Graphic & Communication Design helps students to build a career in Industry within a short term. Techniques related to UI UX, Web Design, Motion Design is imparted.


communications , design , graphics , ui ux

Diploma in Graphic, Communication & Web Design


  1. To introduce the student to basic graphic design principles.
  2. To familiarize the student with web technology.
  3. To Enable the student to design and deploy web pages.

Semester 1

Module 1: Graphic Design for Communication (78 hours)

  • Elements of Design
  • Principles of Design
  • Colour theory and Colour schemes
  • Typography and Web Typography
  • Grid Systems for Web Page Layout

Module 2: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator (35 hours)

  • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator’s workspace
  • Vector file formats
  • Creating assets for wire-frames and mock-ups

Module 3: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop (35 hours)

  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop’s workspace
  • Creating Gradients and Pattern fills
  • Raster file formats
  • Preparing images for web sites

Module 4: User experience and the web (12 hours)

  • Introduction to Internet & Web Technologies
  • What is UI and UX
  • Website Development Workflow
  • Organisation of Data – Sitemaps, wireframes and mock-ups

Project 1 (80 hours)

Semester 2

Module 5: Marking up data using HTML5 (12 hours)

Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver’s workspace

Marking-up data for web pages using (X)HTML and HTML5

B.E.M Model

Module 6: Styling HTML5 documents using CSS3 (40 hours)

  • Styling text and other elements
  • Box model and positioning
  • Testing web pages for browser compatibility
  • Upload and launch of a website

Module 7: JavaScript for dynamism (40 hours)

  • Basics of JavaScript
  • JavaScript and form processing
  • jQuery library

Module 8: Responsive web design (68 hours)

  • Media query
  • Image optimisation
  • Bootstrap framework

Project 2 (80 hours)