Animation and Game Design


The Fundamentals of Game Design: A Beginner’s Guide

Do you like gaming so much that you are pleased to take it up as your profession? If yes, this article is for you where you learn about the best game design course at LISAA School of Design and the fundamentals of game design. Read this article to know more. What is Game Designing? Game […]


How to Kickstart Your Career in the Animation Industry?

The animation industry is one of the most exciting and creative fields in the media and entertainment sector. It involves creating animated characters, scenes, and stories using various techniques and technologies. Animation is used today for various purposes, from entertainment, advertising, and gaming, to education and so much more. In this blog, we will provide […]


What you can Expect to Learn in a Game Design Course?

The Indian Gaming industry has shown steady growth in recent years. In the year 2025, the Indian online gaming industry is predicted to reach a valuation of INR 231 billion from INR 135 billion in the year 2022. And the creative talents of our country are getting attracted to the career option of Game development. […]


The Careers in Animation Industry in India – An Overview

One of the significant industries that shows dramatic growth in recent years is the entertainment industry. This entertainment industry is a combination of multiple facets and one among those is the animation sector. With a value of USD 394.6 billion in 2022, the animation sector roars out with multiple job positions for animation specialists. Breaking […]


NFT: How It Will Help The Creative Field?

NFT, the term has flooded the world. Whether you are scrolling through social media platforms or reading articles over the internet, chances are high that the NFT word is somewhere popping up in between. While NFT already has its set of appreciators, many of us are still new to it. Let’s start by understanding the term! […]