LISAA School of Design in Bangalore is managed by CREO Valley. CREO Valley is affiliated with Bengaluru Central University to offer Degree Courses in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphics & Communications Design, Animation & Multimedia Design.

  • LISAA in FRANCE is recognized by the French Ministry of Culture & Communication
  • QAI –UK (Qualification and Assessments International- United Kingdom).

About LISAA School Of Design Bangalore

LISAA is a predominant Design school in France encompassing its legacy with 30 years of progressive, dynamic, and phenomenal performing record. The French in design is inferred and endorsed for their unprecedented endeavors globally. LISAA is one of the rare design schools accredited by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication

LISAA Bangalore was established in the year 2013 and is administrated by CREO Valley college in Bangalore, affiliated to Bangalore city university, ascribed by Karnataka Government, proffering Bachelor’s  Degree courses in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design (UI/UX), Animation (Film Making) and an International Certification from LISAA France with access to accompanying education in France.

LISAA School of Design/CREO VALLEY College in Bangalore is stretched over 30,000 Square feet air-conditioned campus with most sophisticated, innovative, eminent, and contemporary state-of-the-art infrastructure with profusely furnished Computer Lab and naturally lit studios, Patternmaking Lab, Sewing Lab, Library, Audio Visual Room, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre, Product design lab, Film making Studio, Cafeteria and all the requisite amenities as well.

The Creo valley college was initiated with a tremendous objective with an ostensible vision to convey in the revolutionary arena with a novel and inimitable methodology towards the Design disciplines to foster ingenuity and experimentation deciphering the design tenets to progress a rehabilitated perception to design in the arena of Fashion, Interiors, Graphics, and Animation. LISAA’s premeditated objective is to foster these attributes among the students, to escalate and hone their prerequisite corporate skills associated with the augmented communal pertinence.


All the courses at LISAA’s are administered and preceded by active and ingenious professionals, offering cutting-edge teaching and technology with adequate tailoring assistance to every student by determining their professional vocation augmented to the job market. Teaching at LISAA is instituted to be incessantly collaborative concerning students, teachers, and professionals, supplemented by workshops, viva exams, and work placements. LISAA is one of the exceedingly appraised schools by recruiters in Bangalore.

As a phenomenal and systematic procedure, our organization every year incessantly endeavors propitious career to all the final year students with adequate campus placement recruitment drives from the fortune 500 corporate companies in Bangalore affording ample prospects to assure an appointment letter in their final year. Our students have inexorable access with a capacious prospect to the international openings as well.


LISAA aspires on lessons in the format of workshops with an approach of teaching where exchange and discussion being the center of the teaching-learning procedure. Throughout their studies at LISAA, every student facilitates the pluses with individual tutor support with ensured access, assistance, and collaboration from the Management, Principal, coordinators, and teachers from all departments in every subject.

About LISAA School Of Design Paris

Founded in 1986 by Michel Glize, today LISAA is a reference in the world of applied arts education. Having studied architecture, Michel Glize wanted to create a workshop for students preparing for the competitive exams for entry into the Grande Ecole art schools.

  1. LISAA is one of the few schools recognized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.
  2. LISAA’s qualifications are listed on the French Register of Professional Certifications (level II – BAC+3 years of further education and level I – BAC+5 years of further education) and state-approved qualification (BTS).
  3. LISAA is reputed among professionals: it is a member of SNJV, RECA, FDE and is recognized by UNAID. It is a Toon Boom center of excellence.
  4. LISAA is at the top of rankings, among the most valued schools by professionals.
  5. LISAA promotes exchanges as a member of the international network of schools of art and design Cumulus, and holds a valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

About CREO Valley

CREO Valley owns and operates LISAA School of Design in Bangalore.

CREO Valley, an organization that was found with a vision of imparting quality education in the creative fields. CREO Valley gives an opportunity for budding designers and artists who are looking for a unique platform to hone their skills and exhibit their talents. If you are looking for a bright career in the design and film industry, CREO Valley is a source of preparation ground for every youngster. Quality training is offered to students at CREO Valley. Students can realize their dreams through the quality education and training offered by CREO Valley.

CREO Valley is located in Bangalore. Since the college has tie-ups with design firms, agencies, and production houses in the industry, students can get a chance to associate with these firms, agencies, or production houses if his/ her profile is selected for the same.

The courses offered by CREO Valley have a high-quality curriculum, and each student will get a chance to explore the in-depth knowledge of the subject. CREO Valley has all the facilities that are necessary for imparting theoretical and practical knowledge to students.