The goal of any academic body is to produce skilled, globally competent professionals through quality education and to prepare them for immediate employment. Industries engross these knowledgeable professionals and enhance their capabilities by contributing to the latest initiatives. To produce skilled graduates ready for the industry, it is necessary to know the requirements of the industries through regular industry interactions. Hence, a good and vibrant industry-institute interaction to promote education and entrepreneurship is definitely required.

Industry-institute interaction is the most preferred activity for mutual benefit and growth of industries as well as institutions. Industry relations provides the best platform for showcasing the best practices, latest design developments, and their implementation and impact on the industry. Also, Industry Confluence promotes industry experts to participate in curriculum design which plays a significant role in preparing the students ready for the industry.

LISAA Bangalore has tie-ups with popular institutes across the globe, and students enrolled in design courses of the institute will get a chance to spend some of their time in these institutes. The student-exchange programs of LISAA and its partner institutes are a great help to students in gaining practical exposure and enhance career opportunities.

The industry-crafted curriculum of LISAA Bangalore helps students to gain in-depth knowledge of the topic. Project work is included in the curriculum of LISAA Bangalore, and each student must take part in the project work to obtain the degree. The project work process of LISAA Bangalore is rigorous and each student will have an opportunity to explore more about the subject. At the same time, the project works will enhance the career opportunities of students.

Some of the major advantages of LISAA Bangalore are its connection to major industries, project-based learning, and internationally immersed programs. These programs enable students to use their skills and capabilities completely besides enhancing the same.

Students of LISAA Bangalore participate in International Events pertaining to Design and Film Making. Through these competitions, students compete at the global level where they can get a chance to meet the experts and professors from top design universities across the globe.

LISAA School of Design, Bangalore managed by CREO Valley strongly believes in the fundamental thoughts behind strong Industry Relations to help students nurture their professional aptitude while pursuing academic goals. Students are regularly challenged to work on practical problems using innovative design techniques.

Our Placements Department conducts several internships and full-time recruiting events throughout the year. You can find more information about the Placements Department here.

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