Do you want to follow your passion for photography and graphic design? If that is the case, we have got you covered.

You should consider pursuing a photography course in Bangalore.

But why only Bangalore?

With urbanization leading to technological advances and entrepreneurial potential, Bangalore is the most suitable place for pursuing a career in photography.

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In this blog, we’ll explore why you should consider taking the best photography course in Bangalore?

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Why consider Bangalore for a photography course?

Bangalore , is an evolving and developing landscape with a plethora of opportunities, not only in technological sectors but also in art and designing. It is also known as Silicon Valley of India for the same reasons.

As the city is rich in heritage and has a rich culture in designing, it is the best place for you to pursue photography courses in Bangalore at Best photography institute in Bangalore that is LISAA School of Design.

From entrepreneurship to demandable job market, Bangalore offers a plethora of opportunities to capture.

What are the courses available in photography?

Aspiring students who want to make a career in photography and graphic design, the course in Bangalore, LISAA School of Design offers a diploma in graphic design.

This program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge for art and designing that can be used to create and develop a good design with speed and efficiency.

Students after completing this course can get a chance to work in different industries, such as fashion designing diploma, entertainment, animation and multimedia, etc. As per a report, these industries are expected to reach a multimillion dollars market in the upcoming years which can be the reason that makes this photography course in Bangalore more attractive.

Diploma in Graphic Design: An Overview

A diploma in graphic design is for those students who want to make a career in photography and graphic design as it offers bright career opportunities to them. Graphic design diploma course main objective at LISAA School of Design are as follows:

  • To introduce the student to basic graphic design principles.
  • To familiarize the student with web technology.
  • To Enable the student to design and deploy web pages.

With the increasing use of internet and digital technologies has resulted in technological innovations and resulted in increasing demands for graphic designers. Here is the quick overview of the Best photography course in Bangalore:

Course LevelDiploma in Graphic Design
Duration1 year
EligibilityCandidates must have completed their class 10t or 12th with 50% minimum marks.
AdmissionsMerit / Entrance Based
Job ProfilesAnimator, Photographer, Artist, Video Game Designer and many others
Average SalaryINR 3-9 LPA
Course FeePhotography course fees at LISAA School of Design ranges between INR 1-3 Lacs

Subjects & Curriculum: Diploma in graphic design course at Bangalore, makes an effort to provide students with a more comprehensive understanding of the course through detailed subjects. After studying these subjects, students are ready to enter the field of numerous opportunities. These courses allow students to choose among a variety of professional courses while also understanding the course details. The core subjects that are provided in these courses are as follows:

  • History of Art & Design
  • Introduction to graphic design
  • Websites evaluation & creation
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • User Interface graphic design
  • Designing & Planning web pages
  • Creating pages with HTML
  • Web design using HTML
  • Design Fundamentals
  • JavaScript for dynamic web pages
  • Responsive web design

Benefits and Career Opportunities of a Photographer in India

With a best photography course in Bangalore, you are open to a variety of learning opportunities that makes you an outstanding professional by incorporating some of the essential skills and knowledge through course curriculum, and other extra curricular activities such as workshops, seminars, and internships.

Another reason to consider pursuing this course in Bangalore is that it allows you to access cutting-edge facilities and equipment. These are crucial for learning, experimenting, and developing your skills with industry professionals.

With the rich cultural heritage of Bangalore, you can become a part of the community of like-minded professionals who can share some valuable insights for the current and future industry trends.

These networking opportunities can also provide you with job placement assistance and you can also seek mentorship and guidance after building connections with these professionals. Additionally, you can get a chance to expose yourself with the industry including portrait, landscape, street, and documentary.

There is a growing demand for photographers and professionals due to various reasons including urbanization and technological advancements. Some of the in demand career roles which you can pursue after a graphic design diploma are as follows:

Job ProfilesAverage Salary
Web DeveloperINR 4 LPA
User Interface DesignerINR 6 LPA
Back End Web DeveloperINR 3 LPA
Design and Layout AnalystINR 5 LPA
Graphic DesignerINR 4 LPA
Web AnalystINR 5 LPA
Marketing AnalystINR 7 LPA


In conclusion, pursuing a photography course can be your gateway to unlocking diverse career opportunities, as it offers you numerous benefits for both professional and personal levels. Bangalore, known for its rich cultural heritage, and also, “Silicon Valley of India” due to technological advancements, makes it an ideal place to pursue this photography course and kick start your career.


  1. Which diploma is best for photography?
    A diploma in graphic design is generally considered as the best diploma for photography as it provides essential skills and knowledge necessary for you to succeed in this evolving industry.

  2. How do I choose a photography course?
    Choosing a photography course totally depends on your preferences, such as curriculum, duration, financial support, location, and career goals.

  3. Which photography field is best?
    The best field in photography may vary depending on the individual’s interest, however some popular choices are portrait photography, landscape, fashion photography, wildlife, and commercial photography.

  4. Where is the best place to study photography in India?
    The best place to study photography in India is Bangalore.