India is the second-largest exporter of textiles and apparel in the world, and the Indian fashion industry is expected to experience year-over-year growth of more than 10% in a few years. Given this setting, a career in fashion design is one of the most in-demand options, which can provide you with a sense of fulfillment and self-worth that you won’t find in any other field.

But, are you interested in fashion design and hoping to establish a name for yourself there, and unsure of what your future job prospects might be? If yes, then you should read our blog for a thoughtful look at this profession.

Required education for a fashion designing career

The best course of action for developing a lucrative career in fashion design is to enroll in a fashion design diploma programme. Nevertheless, LISAA School of Design, one of the best schools in Bangalore, is renowned for its improved and skill-based Diploma in Fashion Designing curricula. Moreover, its course intends to prepare upcoming fashion managers to perform successfully in competitive worldwide situations and address the needs of the fashion business in complete evolution.

Course Specifics

The table below contains some diploma in fashion designing course details that the LISAA School of Design offers:

Level of EducationPostgraduate Diploma
Duration2 years
Admission ProcessApplicants must sign up for the LISAA Creative Aptitude Test and then appear for interview rounds as part of its entrance-based admission procedure.

Requirements to enroll for a PG Diploma in Fashion Designing

The diploma in fashion designing eligibility typically includes the following prerequisites:

  • Candidates must have received a grade of 10+2 or higher from a recognized board.
  • Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university are also eligible to apply.

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What Can a Career in Fashion Design Offer?

Completing a diploma in fashion designing duration of 2 years can enhance your possibilities for growth while also providing enormous benefits. The following are some of the components of a profession in fashion design:

Meeting Dynamic Individuals

Every day is a new start with fresh adventures that present you to a wide range of people from various backgrounds. Along with giving you the chance to meet new clients—celebrities and other fashion-conscious individuals—the career of the fashion designer also exposes you to new clientele.

Exciting Work Environment

You have many options for starting your profession after completing a fashion design diploma. Nevertheless, a diploma fashion designing course shall provide you with the possibility to learn, develop your independence, and discover new areas of employment, whether they come from fashion houses, clothes retailers, designing and manufacturing enterprises, apparel companies, or the entertainment industry.

Lucrative Salary

Every person who enters the fashion sector makes an appropriate and satisfactory amount of money, and with so many options available, the more experience you gain, the more money you make.


Traveling is a big part of being a fashion designer, and, amazingly, you get to travel and have the chance to make designs inspired by your experiences. Additionally, after completing the fashion diploma courses, you can get the chance to be hired by a celebrity, thereby increasing your chances of obtaining free transportation.

What are you expected to do as a fashion designer?

The roles of a Fashion Designer are influenced by a variety of things when it comes to their profession. Let us take a short look at some of those elements:

Creating Designs

Fashion designers start by creating preliminary sketches on paper as well as designs using AutoCAD or CAD software. However, they design and produce garments as well as accessories like purses and jewelry. A job in fashion design also requires research into previous and present trends to generate innovative concepts and forecast the future. Additionally, fashion designers draw their designs and research current trends for their collections. They also need to visit manufacturers and trade events to choose fabrics and trims.

Research Work

Since various industries fall under the fashion designing career scope, their responsibilities in India include analysing current trends and forecasting upcoming ones. Additionally, to comprehend how fashion trends change over time, he or she must research earlier fashion trends. Overall, a fashion designer needs to conduct extensive research in order to stand out from the competition.


Fashion designers should be adept at transferring their creative ideas to paper or a computer screen. A PG Diploma in Fashion Designing thereby includes specialist knowledge by enabling you to sketch on paper or on a computer screen, which allows designers to communicate their creative ideas graphically.

Colour Selection

Fashion designers should make fantastic colour choices because they know how to make people feel happy and lively. Additionally, a person’s choice of hue speaks volumes about who they are on the inside. Also, since not every design complements every shade, designers must have a thorough understanding of colour pairings, which is one of the primary factors influencing consumer interest in clothing. As a result, the design institutes in Mumbai provide excellent guidance for selecting colours, and the fashion designing courses in Mumbai fees range from INR 3 to 10 lakhs per annum.

Various Types of Fashion Designers

Careers in the fashion industry cover a wide range of responsibilities and roles, and according to an estimate, the Indian fashion market would expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11–12% by 2025 to reach $115–125 billion. Such figures also indicate the potential for more job openings in addition to showcasing growth. Some of the top job profiles in the fashion business are listed below:

Job ProfilesDescription
Apparel Fashion DesignerThey create a variety of attire, including party, casual, morning, and evening clothing. However, they are sometimes referred to as clothing designers, who produce clothing for well-known brands and retail stores.
Fashion Accessory DesignerThis fantastic position, which involves designing jewellery, purses, belts, and other goods, is one of the prolific fashion related career options. Additionally, to create a link between the entire style statement, fashion accessory designers work with footwear and clothes designers in collaboration.
Footwear DesignerThese experts design and produce many sorts of footwear. They also work for retail businesses, high street stores, and the manufacturing sector.
Costume DesignerAmong the many textile and fashion designing jobs, this is one of the most in-demand options, which involves collaborating with directors who choose and produce suitable clothing following their production requirements. They also create costumes for movies and television shows while researching the styles worn during the performance period.
Jewellery DesignerThese experts create matching accessories for dresses using valuable metals like diamonds, jewels, and gemstones. Additionally, a job in jewellery design involves more than just designing; since it requires knowledge and experience with design procedures including cutting, shaping, polishing, placing stones, stacking, welding, engraving, etc.

Career in Fashion Design

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Wrapping Up

As a whole, a career in fashion design is a very satisfying choice for those with a creative mind and a spirit of exploration. Additionally, enrolling in professional fashion design classes gives you the knowledge you need to create designs, as well as the ability to select a focus area and advance your skills.


  • Why would you choose fashion design as a career?
    A career in fashion design is included among the most innovative and well-known paths, which is a genuine form of artistic expression. Aspirants in this subject must also be familiar with the nuances of the field due to the intense competition that exists in the sector.
  • What is the best thing about being a fashion designer?
    One of the best parts about being a fashion designer is getting to use your creativity. And, working with various materials and textures, coming up with original ideas, and exercising creativity are all opportunities that come with being a fashion designer.
  • Is fashion designing a good career in the future?
    India has a very promising future for fashion design. Additionally, with ingenuity, one can find employment chances, and as fashion is a broad industry, many cultures, customs, and Western trends shape it.
  • What is the scope of the fashion industry?
    After finishing their specialized fashion design studies, students can choose from a wide range of work prospects in industries including the fashion industry, manufacturing, and exporting units, or they can launch their firm and sell their goods on the market.