LISAA CAT focuses on discovering the natural aptitude and interest of aspiring Design Students who are opting to take admissions in the Design field. This test is administered to judge the skill, power of observation, innovation, design ability, and mental ability Quantitative ability (class X maths), Analytical ability, Communicative English, English comprehension, GK of the candidate.

An important aspect of the test is the candidate’s use of color and illustration. The examination is designed to evaluate drawing, visualization, creative writing but other than this it also assesses the psychology behind your answers. Your answer will depict your psyche. One has to keep an optimistic approach by choosing positive, cheerful, confident topics, options, and color schemes

Candidates have to indicate the answer in the box by marking (a), (b), or (c), (MCQ). At the time of admissions, students go through a comprehensive design aptitude test. Both students and parents are provided in-depth counseling on the student’s aptitude, interests, and opportunities in design careers. They are guided to choose the most appropriate discipline from options available in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Web designing. Every battle is first won in the mind than on the ground. The psychological battle starts before the real battle comes in. And the greatest battle is not physical, but psychological.

So, be prepared and be confident, believe in yourself.

Here please find a few sample papers for LISAA Entrance Test (Creative Aptitude Test – CAT). Please note these are provided here only with the intention to help prepare the students for entrance to Undergraduate Courses at LISAA School Of Design managed by CREO Valley. These should not be used for any other purpose.


Sample Paper 1:


Sample Paper 2:


Sample Paper 3: