Have you always dreamed of having your own portfolio and making designs that leave people mesmerized? Do you love to make sketches, stay ahead of the latest trends in fashion, or sew? If the answer to any of these is yes, you might have already thought about pursuing a career in the Fashion industry. And which career in this industry is more glamorous than that of a fashion designer?

But becoming a fashion designer is no piece of cake, as it requires a lot more than just talent or dedication (though they are absolutely necessary too). While you could very well (if you are a genius) make your own portfolio and approach established fashion designers to ask them to take you under their wing, it can be a grind. Not to mention there is no guarantee that you will get an internship this way. But not everyone has the know-how on how to make designs and bring them to fruition, so the safer bet for you is to sign up for fashion design courses.

In this blog, we talk about everything you need to know to become a fashion designer in India. So read on to understand how to make your dream a reality in the glitzy world of fashion.

What is Fashion Designing?

Fashion design is basically the process of crafting clothing and accessories from scratch. It involves various processes at various stages of making a read to sell a garment or accessory, from the conception of the idea to sketching…and everything in between till it reaches the hands of the customer. The fashion industry is very demanding and unforgiving, hence fashion design
is a job that is not for the weak of heart, and therefore, also highly respected and lucrative.

Role of a Fashion Designer

A typical fashion designer is involved in the end-to-end process of the creation of a sellable
fashion item. Hence their role involves a lot of duties, some of which are:
● Analyzing fashion trends
● Conceptualizing and creating designs
● Using market research and an understanding of current trends to inspire designs
● Selecting the right fabrics, techniques, snips, etc
● Collaborating with other professionals in the industry to market and sell your designs
● Presenting your designs to clients

Getting Started with Qualifications in Fashion

Since the role of a fashion designer involves so many different tasks and responsibilities, many
who aspire to become one sign up for fashion designing courses after 12th. A course in
fashion design trains students in all of the skills, techniques, and other miscellaneous things you
need to be good at to enter the fashion industry. Some common fashion design courses that
you can pursue at LISAA include:
● Diploma in fashion design
● Bachelor in fashion and textile design
● Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion and Business Management
For the purpose of brevity, we will discuss the Diploma program in Fashion Design in more
detail since it makes fashion design for beginners easy to understand and pick up. Here are the highlights of this course.

Course NameDiploma in Fashion Design
Duration1 year
Mode of ExaminationSemester system
Eligibility Criteria10+2 from a recognized board
Average Starting SalaryINR 1.4 – 3 LPA
Areas of RecruitmentTextile Export Houses, Fashion Boutiques, Entrepreneurship, Textile or Fabric Manufacturing Units, Retail Chains, Fashion Brand Showrooms, TV and Film Industry, Fashion Institutes, etc.

Diploma in Fashion Design Syllabus

To get a better idea of what you’ll learn in a Diploma in Fashion Designing course, here is the
syllabus of the Diploma in Fashion Design and Product Management course at LISAA.

Semester ISemester II
Fashion Design and IllustrationAdvanced Pattern-making and Garment Construction
Basics of Pattern-making and Garment ConstructionComputer-aided Fashion Design
Textile ScienceFashion Ornamentation
Applications of Software in the Fashion IndustryFashion Merchandising
Project 1Project 2 / Portfolio

Scope of Fashion Designers

There is tremendous scope for fashion designers in India and abroad. You just need to look at
famous designers like Sabyasachi, Guccio Gucci, Gabrielle Chanel, Sobia Nazir, and Cristobal
Balenciaga to know that for the truth. While the road to attaining the same level of worldwide
fame as these geniuses are not easy, it is definitely possible to work your way up to that ideal.

Top Recruiters

Some of the top recruiters for students with a diploma in fashion design in India and abroad are:
● Allen Solly
● Versace
● Kate Spade
● Lifestyle
● Pantaloons
● Coco Chanel
● Ralph Lauren
● Raymonds
● Calvin Klein
● Swarovski

Career Opportunities

Now, let us look at some of the career paths you can take with a diploma in fashion design from
fashion designing colleges such as LISAA. The table below details some common job roles
and their average starting salaries. Keep in mind that these salaries will only grow with

Job ProfileRoleAverage Salary (INR)
Fashion StylistCurating wardrobes and outfits for clients and
3.5 LPA
Textile DesignerGenerating and creating ideas, patterns, and
creative designs on different types of textiles
Retail ManagerManaging all operations and staff of retail outlets and ensuring sales targets are met4 LPA
Boutique OwnerTargeting a specific customer base with their
self-made apparel/accessories and overseeing all aspects of the operations of their store
5.6 LPA
Fashion MerchandiserWorking in retail stores with inventory,
bookkeeping, marketing, analyzing trends, etc.
Fashion Designer in India

Source: Self-Created


We hope we have covered all bases regarding everything you might need to know to start a career in fashion design. It is important to understand that this is a very competitive field so gaining experience is the ultimate catalyst to your success. That is why we’d advise you to work hard studying fashion design courses, find internships, and always aim for the general customer first. Only after you can crack the mass market can you hope to aim for the pinnacle in the industry, designing luxury items for celebrities.


  • Can I get jobs in the filmmaking and tv industry with a diploma in fashion design?
    Yes. You can get jobs as a costume designer or stylist in the film and tv industry with a diploma in fashion design.
  • What course can I do after my Diploma in Fashion Design?
    After completing your diploma in fashion design, if you still want to continue studying, you might consider undergraduate courses in fashion like a bachelor’s in fashion design.
  • Is there any entrance exam for the diploma in fashion design course at LISAA?
    No. While many fashion design colleges take admission to their courses through entrance exams, LISAA does not. There is no entrance exam for getting into the Diploma in Fashion Design program at LISAA.
  • Do I need any kind of license to become a fashion designer?
    No. You don’t need any kind of license to become a fashion designer. You will need to obtain licenses only when you open a label or clothing business.