Masters in Graphic & UI UX Design

Master in Design. Master degree is to enable the students to develop their practice and knowledge in Design

2 Years

Masters in Graphic & UI UX Design – 2 Years

Aims of the course

The aim of this Master’s degree is to enable students to develop their practice and knowledge in ways that prepare them for careers in the graphic and communication design sectors of business and industry. In this context, the course aims to support students in becoming highly skilled, effective practitioners, able to conceptualize, problem solve, innovate and manage professional work with expertise and awareness, possess an in-depth knowledge of their subject area, and understand the wider industrial context.

Key features of the course program include

Enhance students’ creative practice with the entrepreneurial skills and business awareness necessary to turn concepts into commercially viable realities. Develop students’ skills in independent learning, self-reflection, and research skills necessary to sustain advanced creative practice and scholarship. Offer a stimulating environment for postgraduate students which is both supportive and flexible in relation to their learning needs and a creative space in which to develop their ideas.

Employment opportunities

We are committed to developing employable graduates by ensuring that:

  • Career development skills are embedded in the course. Opportunities for part-time work, placements, and work-related learning activities are widely available to students.
  • Mandatory Internships and Major Projects in collaboration with the Industry are the major highlights of the course. This enables the student to assimilate perfectly with the industry and its dynamic demands.

Learning, teaching, and assessment methods

The Course focuses on individual practice, group practice, and industry-led initiatives and so will require students to use both creative and systematic thinking strategies in the development and realization of their practice.

 The teaching will be based on student-centered, active learning. The main methods of delivery will be through studio practice sessions, tutorials, work reviews, lectures, seminars, tests, and presentations. There will also be visits, internships as well as self-directed study and practice.


Oral/visual presentations, Written reports/ dissertationsInformal written and visual materials, Group project work &  Solo project work

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