A final year student Shreya N from the Fashion Design Department at LISAA School of Design, conducted a survey to study the acceptance of Baby Play Mats with Warli Art at Ragi Kana.

The word ‘Warli’ is derived from Warla, meaning “piece of land” or “field”. Warli paintings are narrative paintings, and the themes portray the social lifestyle and day-to-day activities like hunting, fishing, farming, forest activities, and village life.

A baby layette/playmat is one of the essential accessories for a baby. A playmat refers to a mat that can be laid on the ground where the baby is seated in order to avoid direct contact with the floor. Playmats allow the baby to move around freely without the risk of injuring themselves.

Fashion Design Degree

Her  survey was conducted at Ragi Kana Santhe, a beautiful market and cultural hub! She had the fantastic opportunity to meet so many new people and hear their insightful thoughts about the products she developed.

Warli is a widely popular art form and it made her so happy to see people of all ages, from children to the elderly, coming to her and tell her they liked what was done by her! She was thankful to all the visitors who stopped by and took the time to answer the Survey!

Fashion Design Degree

It was a beautiful day and an incredible experience for her! At the same time she was deeply grateful to her family who helped her to set up this display, and of course, this experience would not have been possible without the help of the wonderful Mr. M. C. Narendra – the founder of Ragi Kana.

From the Acceptance Survey it was understood that Design 3 stands out for its design criteria. The cultural unity represented in the motifs helps the kids in social development. The study also explains that these topics of playmats can be explored, which would create a boon in the market.

Fashion Design Degree