Do you know that a career in fashion design requires a combination of creativity, business acumen, and technical skills? Additionally, predictions claim that by 2025, the Indian fashion market will expand at a CAGR of 11–12% to reach $115–125 billion, opening up new possibilities. Given such instances, an MBA degree in fashion design equips you with the necessary technical skills to significantly enhance your fashion career trajectory. 

So, if you are looking to build a career in fashion design, we have got you covered as this blog talks about how an MBA can help you reach your goals.

MBA in Fashion Design- Course Overview

When searching for an MBA in Fashion Design, you will come across a two-year curriculum, which is designed to teach students both the fundamentals of business administration and fashion design. Additionally, the LISAA School of Design in Bangalore offers an MBA/PG in Fashion and Retail Management degree for people who wish to explore lucrative careers since the fashion technology scope caters to industries like kids’ wear, men’s wear, leather design, and fashion journalism.

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MBA/PG in Fashion and Retail Management: Course Highlights

For a better understanding of the PG in Fashion and Retail Management course of the LISAA School of Design, we have listed some of its specifics in the table below:

Level of Education Postgraduate 
Course Duration 2 years
Minimum Eligibility Graduation 

What are the Benefits of an MBA in Fashion Designing?

As you can imagine, a career in fashion design caters to multiple aspects. Consequently, the coursework of an MBA in fashion design programme is created to bring up rewarding outcomes. Along the way, you will also have the chance to learn skills that will last forever. In this context, let us talk about the enormous advantages of obtaining an MBA/PG in fashion design from the LISAA School of Design in Bangalore:

Develop a Strong Business Foundation

Although many fashion designers have extraordinary imaginations, they may not have the commercial skills needed to succeed in the field. Because of this, the LISAA School of Design’s MBA in fashion designing course after graduation covers important business topics such as marketing, finance, strategy, and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, a thorough knowledge of these subjects is necessary for managing finances, comprehending consumer behaviour, and developing successful marketing plans.

Understand the Global Fashion Landscape

Since designers work with suppliers, retailers, and manufacturers from all over the world, the fashion business is highly globalised. Therefore, LISAA School of Design aims to provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of worldwide business practices, cultural dynamics, and market trends. Its MBA (fashion design) curriculum further gives you the skills to establish international alliances, understand developing market prospects, and negotiate the complexity of the global fashion scene.

Strategic Brand Management

Deep brand management knowledge is necessary to develop a powerful fashion brand. As a result, the LISAA School of Design in Bangalore provides you with the knowledge and skills required to develop, advertise, and distinguish your fashion brand in a cutthroat industry. Additionally, its MBA course in fashion design allows you to develop client loyalty and look into fantastic jobs in fashion industry, which require strategic brand management skills.

Boost Financial Acumen

Any firm, including fashion design, must successfully manage its finances. As a result, the LISAA School of Design’s postgraduate degree in fashion design attempts to give you a strong foundation in financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and decision-making. And, as you will gain the ability to manage costs, examine pricing strategies, bargain deals, and make wise financial judgements, you can further ensure the success and sustainability of your fashion firm.

Develop Entrepreneurial Skills

It is a dream of many fashion designers to establish their business endeavours. This is why the LISAA School of Design’s MBA curriculum in fashion design fosters an entrepreneurial attitude by honing skills like creativity, risk management, and strategic planning. These talents overall enable you to develop your original ideas into successful and lucrative fashion businesses after fashion designing course

Also, it covers further lessons on how to create a business plan, research the market, earn money, and launch a company.

What is the Scope of MBA Fashion Designing?

You can enjoy the luxury of working in several fields post-completion of an MBA in Fashion Design. And, discussed below are some of the most common careers after an MBA/PG in Fashion Designing:

  1. Retail Merchandiser

This position is similar to that of a fashion student, who works in retail establishments and assists consumers in finding what they are looking for. If you are good at sales and customer service, you will also be paid on commission, which can be quite lucrative.

  1. Stylist

This employment falls under the scope of fashion designing, which entails assisting others in looking fantastic and feeling confident about themselves. Stylists can also significantly impact people’s lives, whether their work entails assisting someone in choosing outfits for an interview or planning a whole wardrobe makeover.

  1. Textile Designer

A Textile Designer usually develops novel materials or builds garments from the ground up. Additionally, there is no substitute for expertise in textile design, thus anyone with a degree in fashion design must get this kind of experience before working in this industry. 

  1. Fashion Designer

Their work entails being in charge of conceptualising and realising fashion designs. They also need a back-end crew, a keen eye for detail, and inventiveness to carry out their strategies. And, to pursue such fashion career options, a person must be able to work with different materials, styles, and textiles.

  1. Retail Manager

Their duties include managing employees, payroll, inventory, customer service training programmes, sales promotions, and marketing initiatives.


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Final Words

As you can see, pursuing an MBA can help fashion designers develop the necessary skills to succeed in a highly competitive career. And, we sincerely hope that our blog can make you understand how pursuing an MBA can be the perfect step to advance your career in fashion design and explore outstanding career prospects.


  1. Is it good to do MBA after fashion designing?

Yes, pursuing an MBA after fashion design allows you to learn more about supply chain management and marketing. Additionally, it gives you the chance to learn about creating retail strategies and hone your quantitative skills for use in other work areas.

  1. What is MBA in fashion business?

An MBA in Fashion Business focuses on managing marketing, merchandising, and retail of fashion products and the development of brand awareness among the general public.

  1. What does a career in fashion design entail?

To begin with, a career in fashion design is among the most demanding and inventive. Additionally, you will have freedom over your professional path due to the abundance of apparel possibilities in the rapidly expanding business.

  1. Should I take a test to get into the LISAA School of Design?

Yes, you have to take the LISAA’s creative aptitude test if you want to study at this School of Design. But sometimes, you can get in through a Skype chat or a personal interview.