Rumbled up with fashion, the world today is exposed to a voguish fashion agenda. People from every nook and corner of the world make and enjoy fashion statements and students have stepped in to explore their interest in fashion designing by opting for fashion design courses at the best college as ours, LISAA School of Design as we offer a remarkable fashion designing course in Bangalore.

This article from our side is for minds who enjoy experimenting and experiencing trends in fashion designing. Read this article to know more.

Latest Trends in the Fashion Designing Industry:

We all know that the fashion industry is climbing the ladder faster in terms of the global market. Do you know that the fashion industry holds a global market revenue of 1.53 trillion US Dollars in 2022 and an expected global revenue of 1.73 trillion USD in 2023?

trends in fashion designing

Source: Oberlo

How do you think the fashion industry is hitting this higher? It is all made possible by constantly evolving trends in fashion designing. Here are the fashion trends that are rocking hard in 2023.

Sustainable fashion

Statistics state that more than 88% of consumers prefer sustainable environment-friendly clothing. As a result, sustainable fashion is one of the latest trends in fashion designing industry. It focuses on creating clothing, accessories, and other fashion products in a way that is socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and economically viable.

Sustainable fashion has emerged as one of the best trends in fashion designing as it has resolved many conventional fashion industry issues such as excessive waste, environmental degradation, etc. Do you have any idea how much waste is generated by the fashion industry? Take a look at the statistics below to understand why sustainable fashion scores better.

trends in fashion designing


Top fashion brands such as Levi’s, H&M, Patagonia, and many more have taken up sustainable fashion seriously and made it a hit.

Baggy oversized clothing

Oversized clothing is one of the hyped-up yet notable trends in fashion designing. This trend has been in the fashion industry for almost five years, yet continues to stay prominent.

The best brands that slay with this baggy clothing trend are Denim, Gucci, Balenciaga, and Chloe. These brands design oversized clothing infused with fashion elements to offer extreme comfort for the customers.
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Technology Invaded Clothing

The fusion of fashion and technology is one of the notable trends in fashion designing. Digital design tools have a great role in helping designers develop intricate, precious, unique patterned designs that make stylish fashion statements.

Technology-invaded clothing has pulled out unique fashion output such as temperature-regulated clothing, wrinkle-resistant, and much more. AI Integrated clothing, 3D printed fabrics, Virtual Reality (VR) infused clothing and technologically customized fabrics are taking the top stage among the latest trends in fashion designing.

If hovering into all these trends in fashion designing is making you feel like why not a career in fashion designing, then know about the fashion designing course at LISAA School of Design.

Fashion Designing courses at LISAA School of Design

LISAA School of Design stands tall as one of the leading fashion schools in India that offers a wide range of fashion designing course after 12th which are detailed below.

Diploma in Fashion Design

Course descriptionThe Fashion Designing course diploma focuses on imparting knowledge in fashion design, retail conversion, and management of fashion products in the fashion industry.
This course is centralized on inculcating the basic techniques and methodologies involved in designing apparel, nuances, and strategies involved in selecting the textiles and fabrics, and so on.
Duration1 year
Eligibility criteriaCandidates should have completed 10+2 in any recognized board at any recognized educational institution to pursue this 1 year fashion designing course.
Admission procedure⦁ Admission to the diploma course at LISAA is based on the entrance test and personal interview conducted by the school.
⦁ Candidates with exceptional skills in arts & design are considered based on interviews and their portfolios.

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Bachelor of Fashion Design

Course descriptionBFD Fashion Design:
BFD Fashion Design Course trains students to transform garments, stitch, customise, design, and collaborate fabrics for new patterns, and much more. In simple terms, it deals entirely with structuring and shaping garments for unique designs.
BFD Textile Design:
BFD Textile Design Course articulates transforming a piece of cloth into exclusive clothing by weaving, dying, embroidering, and knitting. In simple terms, this course is for graphic and artistic designers interested in drawing to metamorphose a simple fabric into a gorgeous masterpiece.
LevelUndergraduate level
Duration3 years (2 years + 6 months internship)
Eligibility criteriaCandidates should have completed 10+2 in any recognized board at any recognized educational institution.
Admission procedureAdmission to BFM at LISAA is based on the entrance test, the LISAA CAT-Creative Aptitude Test conducted by the school.

Beyond these two fashion designing course after 12th, LISAA School of Design also offers an MBA in Fashion Design and Retail Management.

As the trends in fashion designing keep evolving and create a huge vogue statement among the global population, the fashion industry turns out to be a career pool for the upcoming students. You can be one of the trendsetters in the fashion industry by studying fashion designing course after 12th.


Fashion mania and the temptation to enjoy a new range of designs and styles have shattered the boundaries and paved the way for new modern voguish fashion entries. Updated trends in fashion designing keep invading the industry and trends get outdated too. It is our time to embrace modernity in fashion. Update yourself according to the trends in fashion designing and design yourself to be one of the fashion icons in your society.


⦁ What is trending in fashion designing?
⦁ Sustainable Fashion
⦁ AI Designed Fashion
⦁ 3D Fabrics

⦁ What are the next trends in fashion?
Slitted clothing and ragged clothing are upcoming trends in fashion. Corsets from the early 1970s are getting back into fashion.

⦁ Who decides what is in and out in fashion?
Consumers and notable fashion designers together decide what is in and out in fashion as fashion trends are created by designers and accepted by consumers.

⦁ What is out of fashion 2023?
High-waisted jeans, tennis skirts, cuffed jeans, body-fitting blazers, etc are some of the out of fashion in 2023.