The Indian Gaming industry has shown steady growth in recent years. In the year 2025, the Indian online gaming industry is predicted to reach a valuation of INR 231 billion from INR 135 billion in the year 2022. And the creative talents of our country are getting attracted to the career option of Game development. There are various design & animation colleges in India that offer Game design courses to establish a career in this sector.
Let’s dig into the details of the game designing course and its subjects through this blog.

Bachelor in Game Design Course – Introduction

Bachelor in Game Design is a game development course after 12th that focuses on teaching basic fundamentals of game development including methods, imagination, and implementation. Graduates of this course design & develop games for laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Course highlights of the Bachelor of Design course at LISAA, Bangalore

Course LevelUndergraduate
Course Duration4 Years
Minimum EligibilityCandidates need to pass the class 10+2 level examination with a minimum grade of 50% from an accredited board of education.
Admission ProcessCandidates need to clear LISAA’s creative aptitude test and personal interview round.

Syllabus of a Game Design course

The best animation colleges in India such as LISAA, include the below-mentioned subjects in their course curriculum to provide in-depth understanding & skills in game designing-

  • Introduction to Game
  • History of Gaming
  • Photoshop & Flash
  • Game Analysis Centipede
  • Programming in C Pre-production
  • Game Programming Language
  • Digital Art
  • UX and UI Design
  • Game Design
  • Flash- Based Game Designing
  • Game Analysis: The Sims
  • Rigging & Animation for Games
  • Game Development & Documentation
  • Game Idea: Visualization & Storytelling
  • 3D Game Design 
  • Character Designing
  • Sound Design
  • Augmented Reality 
  • Game Engine

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A list of important Game design course subjects are-

Game Design-

In this subject, you’ll gain a fundamental understanding of crafting techniques. This subject focuses on the differentiation of game aspects, their design, and the dissemination of their concepts to the field.

Game Networking-

In this subject of the Game design course, you will gain knowledge on how multiple players can enjoy the same game at the same time and that will enable you to design multi-player gaming experiences.

2D and 3D animation-

This is one of the important subjects as through this subject, you’ll learn how to make digital graphics and animations. You’ll discover how 2D, and 3D visuals, effects, and cartoons operate. Gaining expertise in this subject from top animation courses in India will open a number of avenues for job advancement.

Scriptwriting & storyboard design-

For students who aim to become scriptwriters or storywriters in the gaming field, this subject holds high importance. In BSc in animation and gaming, this subject will teach you how to construct a perfect story, how to organize and layout a script learning, and how to sequence the scenes.

Audio design & sound engineering-

In B Des in animation, the audio design & sound engineering course will teach you how to incorporate music, recordings, and noises into a production on this topic. Furthermore, this subject will hone your editing & mixing skills.

Artificial intelligence in games-

This course covers theoretical issues in game-related applications of artificial intelligence. In reality, this provides useful resources for implementing AI strategies. Throughout the course, you’ll be taught to effectively utilize approaches in particular interactive games.

Job possibilities after the Game design course

After completing Game Development courses, graduates have the option to go for higher education courses or to opt for a job.

A list of prominent job options in this field are-

  • Game Producer
  • Game Animators
  • Game Tester
  • Animator
  • Freelance Game Developer
  • Art Designer
  • Game Modeller & texturing artist
  • Audio Engineers
  • Creative Directors
  • Video Game Project Manager
  • Interface artist
  • Tools Programmer
  • Multimedia Programmer

Below-mentioned is the graphical representation of the average salary earned by game design graduates in India-

Game Design Course

Source- PayScale

LISAA- A design school that will shape your career in Game development

  • LISAA has all the modern facilities and technologies that will help you with the practical training you need to be successful in the game development profession.
  • This Bangalore-based designing institute gives tough competition to 3D animation institutes in Delhi, Mumbai, and the rest of India.
  • Workshops, seminars, and webinars are hosted by our institute on a regular interval to benefit students in learning about the latest trends & practices in the Gaming industry.
  • We have experienced and well-qualified teaching professionals to teach gaming courses.
  • We also organize national & international level educational trips for students to give them practical learning exposure.

Summing up

Increasing smartphone penetration, rapid digitalization, and increasing internet usage will further take the gaming industry to remarkable heights. You can establish your career in this industry by joining a game design course in one of the top designing courses in Bangalore that teaches the above-mentioned subjects.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you learn in a game design course?
    In a game design course, you’ll acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to create, convey, and record their design concepts and transform them into final games.
  • What do you learn in game design and development?
    To prepare students for professions in the game, simulation, modeling, training, and visualization industries, game design and development place a strong emphasis on game programming within a foundational computing curriculum.
  • What do you need to learn to be a game designer?
    Any degree related to game technology, computer game programming or computer games can help you become a game designer. And apart from having a strong subject knowledge, students aiming to become a game designer should learn these skills-
    ⦁ Technical skills
    ⦁ Programming skills
    ⦁ Communication skills
    ⦁ Storytelling ability
    ⦁ Knowledge of recent industry trends
    ⦁ Creativity & innovation skills
    ⦁ Problem-solving
  • What do you learn in game development college?
    In Game Development College, you’ll learn how to create game components, how to pick the best sound effects or create your own, and how to tell your game’s story in the most effective and creative way