One of the significant industries that shows dramatic growth in recent years is the entertainment industry. This entertainment industry is a combination of multiple facets and one among those is the animation sector. With a value of USD 394.6 billion in 2022, the animation sector roars out with multiple job positions for animation specialists. Breaking the limitations, animation is now being implemented in multiple industries such as education, architecture, etc.

Let us explore more about careers in animation via this article.

Animation courses that are offered at LISAA, School of Design

LISAA School of Design being one of the best design schools in Bangalore, India that offers a wide range of courses including animation courses as animation.

We offer a Bachelor in Animation and Film Making (BAFM) course under the animation department. Here are the complete course details:

CourseBachelor of Animation and Multimedia(Film-making)
Course DescriptionA full-time degree that is dedicated to educating the techniques and methodologies behind game designing, animation, and multimedia.
Course LevelUndergraduate level
Duration4 years
Eligibility CriteriaCandidates should have completed a minimum of 10+2 in any recognized educational institution.
Admission ProcedureAdmission to BAFM at LISAA is based on the entrance test, LISAA CAT-Creative Aptitude Test conducted by the school.

The Bachelor of Animation and Film Making (BAFM) course is one of the most demanded courses among the young generation who are interested in establishing their career in the entertainment industry.

Let us see more about the animation career options below.

Scope for the animation sector

One of the major fears among the student community before taking up animation as a career is the availability of scope. Rupturing the fear, animation future scope is drastically developing with remarkable career opportunities. According to the Times Of India Report in October 2022, India has got the world’s second-largest entertainment industry with a reach of INR 24.5 billion market size that offers quite better career opportunities for animation.

Take a look at the significant growth of the animation industry in recent and upcoming years.

Careers in Animation


Animation professionals are hired in a wide range of industries for enormous job positions. Here is an insight into the various industries, different areas of recruitment, types of jobs in animation, and their scope abroad.

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Industries that hire animation professionals

A false note exists that animation is confined only to the entertainment industry, but it’s not. Animation is implemented in a wide range of industries for various purposes ranging from education to construction.

Here are the industries that have a great career in animation and graphics:

  • Gaming industry
  • Film Making industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • Architecture & Construction industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Education industry
  • Advertisement industry
  • News & media industry

Insight into careers in animation

Each industry has a wide range of highest paid jobs in animation sector.

There is always a fear in the minds of students regarding the job options after animation courses. So, let us find the answer to the question, “What careers are available in animation?”

IndustryJobs for Animation ProfessionalsJob DescriptionAverage Salary in INR
Gaming IndustryGame DesignerGame Designers are involved in creating games that can be accessed on computers, mobile phones, etc.5,03,000
Game Audio EngineerGame Audio Engineer is involved in adding audio effects to games.3,20,000
Game ProgrammerGame Programmers are involved in programming respective codes to obtain desired effects in the game.4,25,000
Game ArtistGame Artists are responsible for creating artistic effects in the games.5,50,000
Game AnimatorGame Animator creates 2D and 3D animations required in the games.3,60,000
Game TesterThe game Tester is involved in testing and analyzing the game’s performance.5,00,000
Game DeveloperThe game Developer is the same as the game designer who develops different gaming versions.5,30,000
Game System DesignerGame System Designer concentrates on the function of a game, creating systems, rules, and gameplay, and helping with world-building (story and IP) to ensure it’s playable, fun, and engaging.5,00,000
Game DirectorThe Game Director plans the output of the game, emphasizes how the game should be designed, etc.9,00,000
Film Industry2D Animator2D Animator creates two-dimensional animations for motion pictures such as movies.3,00,000
3D Animator3D Animator creates three-dimensional animations for motion pictures such as movies.3,55,706
Production DesignerProduction Designer is responsible for visual concepts of film, television, or theatre production.4,50,000
DirectorThe Director is involved in constructing the required visual output on the screen.37,20,000
Script WriterScript Writer is involved in developing relevant scripts for movies, TV series, etc.3,50,000
Digital PainterDigital Painter is involved in creating visual touches to the frames via animation and graphics.3,60,000
Healthcare IndustryMedical Illustration CreatorMedical illustration Creators are responsible for creating animated simulations for helping doctors and healthcare professionals.15,54,000
Medical Design and Graphics CreatorMedical Design and Graphic Creator is involved in developing animated versions of various healthcare requirements.5,40,000
3D Animation Prosthetics Designer3D Animation Prosthetics Designer creates animated versions of prosthetic products based on the provided medical condition of the patients.6,81,000

In addition to the above-mentioned jobs, the highest paid jobs in animation are available in other industries as well. Animation is driven worldwide, thus the scope of animation in abroad is quite huge as the global animation industry is expected to reach USD 528.3 billion by 2023.

Why pursue your animation course at the LISAA School of Design?

  • Being one of the best animation schools in India, LISAA offers enormous reasons for you to choose us and some of them are as follows:
  • Technically sound education with remarkable teaching faculties.
  • Wide exposure to real-time industries through industrial visits, projects, seminars, etc.
  • Hands-on training in the nuances of the animation industry.
  • Sound infrastructure provisions.

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Silenced career opportunities in the animation industry are waking up in recent years. Thus careers in animation are emerging as a widened pool inviting skilled expert animation professionals from all around the world. Pursuing animation courses is having notable value and job scope in the upcoming years.


  • Is animation a good career?
    Yes, animation is considered a good career. This is because one of the major contributors to the entertainment industry is the animation sector. So as the entertainment industry grows, so does the animation sector.
  • Is the animation course having good scope in India?
    Yes, the animation courses are having a good scope in India as the gaming and film industry is having a remarkable reach among the Indian audience.
  • What is the highest paying job in animation?
    The highest paying animation job is a game director with the highest pay of INR 32 LPA.
  • Do animators get paid well in India?
    Yes, animators get paid well in India with an entry leave pay of INR 4 LPA.
  • Which are the sectors that hire animation experts?
    Film Production Houses
    Animation Studios
    Advertisement Agencies
    Post Production Houses
    Computer and Mobile Game Development Houses
  • Which countries have better scope for animation and multimedia courses?
    Countries like Ireland, the Netherlands, the USA, Scotland, and many more countries have great scope for animation and multimedia courses.
  • What courses can be studied after BAFM?
    Here are some courses that can be studied after BAFM:
    M.Sc in Animation and Multimedia
    MDes in Graphic Design
    M.Sc in Animation
  • Who are the top recruiters of animation graduates?
    Some of the top recruiters of animation graduates are:
    Walt Disney
    Cartoon Network
    Times of India