Architecture in 2022

Architecture in 2022

Architecture is an art, which has many facets to it as it is an amalgamation of science, expressions, aesthetics, technology, and satisfaction of human needs. Architecture, if practiced correctly, has the ability to create meaningful spaces but an architect who possesses little knowledge about his domain is equally capable of creating blunders. Churches, mosques, and cathedrals planned centuries ago; it is a testimony to architectural marvels as they engulf a sense of magnificence, royalty, glory, serenity, and peacefulness.

The intriguing details of the spaces were meant to induce positive feelings and emotions and are considered as masterpieces of architecture to date as they continue to fascinate historians, researchers, and travelers from across the globe. In a rat race to achieve modernization in terms of lifestyle; humans prefer adopting lifestyles that revolve around built environments and prefer less interaction with the natural environment. The volume of the crowd getting attracted to shopping complexes in comparison to natural parks is proof of that.

Humans have a tendency to achieve nuances by constantly developing something new in hope towards a better future. But, I hardly realize that this urbanization has led to so much dependence on technology that our lifestyle is completely mechanized leading towards busy work schedules, increased toxicity levels, reduced green spaces, unplanned and unpleasant surroundings, congested living environments and many more. The long-term effect of it is a multitude of health issues and diseases; leading towards overindulgence on medication, chemical drugs, and health care centers.

The issue majorly revolves around our social media fatigued lifestyles where we utterly detest human interaction at the same time long for it, it is high time our designers and architects uplift the economy and society by constantly pushing boundaries of design and space, there can be many ways to achieve this:


Even in 2022, that to at major traffic flux (public) spaces we do not see the space designed to use by a specially abled person, there are no braille tiles installed anywhere, there are no ramps with proper incline ratio and lot of these so called public buildings etc. do not even have basic facilities such as lifts and clean washrooms, do our citizens really need this? yes, definitely, we all need a clean and functional space and that too for all. Universal design is the way to go for it.


Kids might go to parks sometimes to play after they are bored with the Netflix and gaming sessions, but do we not need more urban renewal reforms for our green spaces to be more functional and useful. People of all ages can come here and do things that are more friendly and increase social interaction, like probably having a nice atrium or a nice café or maybe a book stall where people can donate books and the children can come and see that.


An old neighborhood might have a plethora of dead spaces, where there are no shops, no houses, no restaurants etc. and these space are of no utilitarian value, these space breed condemn and become space for antisocial elements of the society, we really need to address this asap, if we want our future generations to remain sane and in safe hands.


Public Squares are often extremely crowded and we can never seem to like them, and same is the case with these community public parks, all the litter and garbage is thrown there to prevent us from using these spaces, they need urban renewal schemes the most.

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