Choosing The Right Interior Style

Choosing The Right Interior Style

Starting with the interior design for your apartment is a very emotional yet lucrative process, it requires you Cultivating your decor style. Which is a gradual but very calming process since you’re trying to find out a design style which resonates with your personality.

But it’s definitely worth taking the time to find your decorating and design style before you start spending money on your spaces.


When starting to choose a design style there are some factors you’ll Have to keep in mind, where the first one is to discover your truest linking, something you love, something that does not overwhelm you so you can lead a therapeutic life,

But this definitely doesn’t mean limiting yourself to one particular look, label or trend.  It’s about discovering what you love so you aren’t overwhelmed by all the choices out there.


Okay this has to be undoubtedly the most plausible and practical thing to do ever to find out your design taste, because clothes are something they stay 24 X 7 with us and are the biggest harbingers of our style and theme. There is no right or wrong answer, but looking at your natural fashion tendencies will give you another look at identifying your interior design style.


Visiting a new locale, even if done virtually, can provide you with fresh perspectives regarding design. “Nothing is as inspiring as traveling and absorbing all the beauty of a new place. I take a lot of inspiration from the places I’ve traveled to or aspire to travel to and try to capture them in my designs. Your interior space should tell a story of where you’ve been or where you dream to be. 


Next, gather inspiration to help you narrow down your personal decorating style. Visit local museums, art galleries, botanical gardens, restaurants, or beautiful hotels.  Gather ideas from film, music, travel, or nature.  Thumb through interior design magazines and coffee table books.

Or simply scroll through inspiring spaces on Instagram or Pinterest and save what you love to a board or folder. See if you can spot a trend, color scheme, or overall theme in what resonates with you.


If you liked making collages out of magazine clippings as a kid, you might want to revert to this habit and see what types of images you gravitate toward.

One way to go about it is by making a vision board. Set up a task to collect as many inspirational photos as possible from all sorts of subjects: art, travel, nature, fashion, jewelry, movies, interiors, history and compile them into a huge vision board, this will help you find the desired results.

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