Retail Design – Shop Front Window Display

Retail Design – Shop Front Window Display

With online shopping becoming people’s preference, stores are working to up their game to attract customers through their doors. Their starting line to garnering attention is in the window display. This is where a store can make their first impression on passersby and entice them to look past the limited products on display to explore the rest of the inventory inside. Simply setting out a few items on a table will not suffice. In order to catch a potential customer’s eye, the display requires a detailed sense of design.


Window displays are a form of advertisement that allow stores to display what they have to offer, both in stock and creativity. How a store chooses to design their window display shows potential customers how much effort they put into their business and the quality of service customers will receive. It’s a store’s chance to advertise their brand based on what the customer sees in a passing glance.


What sets your store apart from others? Window displays are a customer’s first glimpse at what a store has to offer. Without an eye-catching display, people will walk by without taking time to learn about what else the store may have in stock. On the other hand, you can attract new business by creating a window display that truly sets your store apart.

Our students of ID2 have redesigned shop fronts of renowned brands which displays their innovative eyes for details and balance.


Some of the benefits of a window display includes the following:

• Advertising promotions: A window display can be used for a variety of purposes, from special holiday offers to end-of-season sales. With the changing market throughout the year, new promotions and opportunities to display new items also helps prevent the display from becoming stale and outdated.

• Demonstrating the brand: A window display can communicate what your store’s brand has to offer and the type of experience your customers can gain from your products. A window display allows you to show your customers what their life could be like with you.


Consider using these techniques to create an attractive window display:

• Themed Display: Instead of putting a few mannequins in your window, create a themed display. With a theme or a story, customers can connect with the products and make them wonder which of them they may enjoy.

• Incorporate Graphics: Depending on the store’s budget, investing in a television screen or other graphics can allow for expanded storytelling. The extra detail may aid in catching passersby’s eyes.

• Precise Lighting: Rather than flood the products with light, purposefully positioned lighting will help highlight the products being pushed in the moment, as well as add an extra dynamic to the display to make it more attractive to a customer.

• Props: These can often enhance storytelling and make the display into a feature with which customers can connect and engage. Mannequins are a common display prop; however, the more creative and original a display, the more likely it will be to gain customer interest.

• Maintain Balance: As there can be too much of a good thing, the display should be carefully balanced to maximize its visual appeal. A display that is busy with many focal points can overwhelm a customer until they lose interest.

• Change Regularly: To prevent the display from becoming stagnant and allowing for the opportunity to engage with customers who may not have been convinced by a previous display, window displays should be adjusted and changed regularly.

Window displays are a store’s first chance to appeal to a customer and gain business. The display needs to be strong and effective enough to convince a customer to enter the store within the few seconds it takes to pass by the store. There are several techniques that can aid in enhancing a display and increasing the chances of it being successful. With the proper attention to detail, a window display can benefit not only the store’s visual appearance, but its financial gain as well.

Our students of ID2 have redesigned shop fronts of renowned brands which display their innovative eyes for details and balance.

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