Material Exploration


A synthetic material that mimics the appearance of real wood, laminates are commonly used in both commercial and residential settings. Also, they are available in multiple textures, patterns, colors, and designs including floor and door laminates.

These are engineered material made from paper and plastic resins. Thus, from furniture and cabinetry, their implementation today has extended to decorative walls and flooring too where they can prove to be a good alternative to hardwood.


Veneer refers to treated thin slices of wood obtained from trees and further categorized as sliced or rotary-cut veneers (according to the cut). Also, being actual wood slices, veneers impart a warm and natural wooden look to the surfaces.

The thickness of the veneers is important as it has a major role in determining their durability. The thickness of the veneers is better than the durability.

Also, during any kind of repair, it is the thickness that determines the limitations to which any damage can be fixed. Moreover, different ranges of veneers in shades, colors, and textures (smoked and fumed veneers), are available in the markets today. Veneers happen to be the most economical way to use timber and can be easily recycled too, to be used later.

Also, they have oil-based finishes as well as water-based finishes and are a stupendous combination with lacquer finishes too.  Moreover, being natural products, they last longer than laminates. But, veneers require regular polishing according to the client’s taste to maintain their quality over time.

Kitchen Cabinets


Choosing suitable kitchen cabinets is vital as they influence the outlook of the home. In today’s world of home improvements, custom cabinets have to suit the taste and lifestyle of the homeowner. They offer different styles and unique decor in terms of cabinet doors and modern designs that leave your mind blown.

Thankfully, there are many types of cabinets in the market, but it can be overwhelming to select one. However, one should explore some of the common types of kitchen cabinets to consider during a kitchen remodel and what to look out for when selecting them.

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