Modernity and lavishness are incorporated into all design fields, and so the field develops. One of the designing fields that segmentalize and boost every component it works on is the interior designing field. Ranging from small size buildings to large monuments, everything is getting worked up with interior design systems these days. Interior designing has turned into a great business and establishing a career in it requires a strong foundation. This strong foundation with a knowledge combination of interior design and business management together is provided as an MBA in Interior Designing.

This article will help you to know more about MBA in Interior Designing and how to get into this field.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Interior Designing at LISAA, School of Design

LISAA, School of Design along with certain prestigious interior design colleges in Mumbai, offers MBA in Interior Designing courses as PGDID (Post Graduate Diploma in Interior Design & Business Management).

Let us explore more about MBA in Interior Designing course below:

Course Description and Duration

MBA in Interior Designing is a combination of interior designing facet and business management facet.

This course inculcates interior design education along with business establishment and management skills.
MBA in Interior Designing is a 2-year course with an immense remarkable curriculum that incorporates both interior design and management knowledge.

MBA Interior Design Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

The basic MBA Interior Design Eligibility at LISAA, School of Design are as follows:

⦁ Candidates should have completed a Bachelor’s degree in interior designing stream.

Admission to MBA Interior Designing requires an MBA in Interior Designing Entrance Exam such as CAT, GMAT, SAT, etc in certain colleges while our college, LISAA School of Design, one of the best MBA Interior Design Colleges, conducts our own entrance exam, LISAA’s Creative Aptitude Test (CAT) for admission to MBA in Interior Designing.

Syllabus of MBA in Interior Designing

MBA Interior Design Syllabus is curated with top subjects and concepts that prepare students with a dual strength in interior design and management.

Here is the syllabus for MBA in Interior Designing:

Semester I
Management and Organization Behaviour
Managerial Economics
Accounting for Managers
Marketing Management
Business Environment and Corporative Governance
Managerial Communication
Introduction to Design and Drawing Practical
Semester II
Human Resource Management
Financial Management
Business Research Methods
Management Information System
Strategic Management and Business Law
Computer-Aided Interior Design
Semester III
Entrepreneurship Development
Operation Research
Customer Relationship Management
Construction Materials
Construction Detailing
Interior Space Planning
Interior Services
Semester IV
Total Quality Management
Service Marketing
Estimation and Costing in Interior Designing
Professional Practice in Construction Management

As you see, the curriculum of the MBA in Interior Designing is designed with a perspective to train candidates with business management skills in the interior designing industry.

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How to establish a career in the interior design industry with an MBA?

This is one of the prominent questions in the minds of students after completing courses in interior design.

The best answer to this question would be to establish your own interior designing business or to get placed into top interior companies in Bangalore and other popular cities.

As per data, the global interior design industry has a huge market value of USD 176.2 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach a market value of USD 210 billion in 2027. Here is the graphical data:

MBA in Interior Design

This immense growth of the interior design industry invites large people to establish their careers there, but what is the best way to do it?

The best way would be to take up an MBA after Interior design, especially MBA in Interior Designing would be the best choice.
Here is the guide:

Step 1: Complete your Bachelor’s degree in Interior Designing from renowned design schools such as our LISAA School of Design, the top college that teaches remarkable interior designs in Bangalore.

Step 2: Take up an MBA in Interior Designing in a top-notch Interior Designing MBA college such as ours, LISAA School of Design.

Step 3: On completing the MBA, you have two pathways. One would be finding a job in top interior design firms while the other one would be to establish your own interior design firm. The choice is yours.

If you are planning to find a job in the interior design industry, then check out the career scope for MBA in Interior Designing below.

Career Scope after MBA in Interior Designing

As MBA in Interior Designing is one of the PG in Interior Design courses, it has immense potential to grab top career opportunities in the construction and interior designing industries.

Interior Designers are hired in multiple areas as all fields require construction support and find the areas of recruitment below:

Areas of Recruitment

The most popular areas of recruitment after an MBA in Interior Designing are as follows:

  • IT Companies
  • Banks
  • Residential Areas
  • Educational Institutions
  • Airport
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Resorts

Job roles after MBA in Interior Designing

A wide range of designations awaits top skilled interior designers in the interior designing industry. After MBA in Interior Designing following job positions are available in top interior design firms such as Victoria Hagan Interiors, Alberto Pinto, etc:

  • Interior Designer
  • Design Architect
  • HR Manager in Interior Design Firms
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Interior Design Project Manager
  • Space Planner
  • Stage Designer

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A course in Interior Designing is the base to enter the interior designing industry while an MBA in Interior Designing is the route to establish a strong business-oriented career in the interior designing industry. Flourishing in this industry requires tremendous skills and management knowledge, both of which are incorporated into students via the MBA in Interior Designing.


  • Is MBA in interior designing worth it?
    Yes, an MBA in Interior Designing is worth it as it prepares the candidates both for job positions and to establish their own interior design firm.
  • What is the scope of MBA in interior design?
    Scope after MBA in Interior Design is huge as top companies hire interior designers for various roles such as interior designers, space designers, etc both in India and abroad.
  • What is the best degree to get for interior design?
    The best degree to get for interior design would be Bachelor’s in interior design followed by MBA in Interior Designing.
  • How can I start my career in interior design?
    One can start a career in interior design by pursuing a Bachelor’s in interior design and strengthen the career by pursuing MBA in Interior Designing.