Since interior design is a fascinating career option nowadays, selecting an interior design course might be a life-altering choice you make. Additionally, the size of the Indian interior design market was US$28.6 billion in 2022 and is further expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.3% from 2023 to 2028, bringing the total value to US$ 51.4 billion.

Do you, however, wish to pursue an alternative interior design career path, where you can effectively demonstrate your knowledge and training? If so, you can read our blog where we will talk about some of those additional choices for interior designers. Also, whether you seek to work in a related industry, or change careers entirely, we have something for you.

How can you make a career in interior design?

As the interior designer qualifications call for you to earn a bachelor’s degree in interior design or a closely related discipline, hence enrolling in interior design undergraduate courses is the first step to becoming an interior designer.

However, the LISAA School of Design in Bangalore, India, provides an improved Interior & Product Designing degree that is a Dual Certification program with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Bangalore and an International Undergraduate Diploma from LISAA, France. And, a few highlights of this Bachelor’s course are:-

Degree LevelUndergraduate
Name of the courseBID
Duration4 Years
Admission ProcessEntrance-Based– Applicants should register for the LISAA Creative Aptitude Test and then show up for interview rounds.

How would you assess interior design as a career?

While discussing interior design as a profession, one can envision a career that is all about research, conceptual development, effective planning, and providing a comfortable environment for stakeholders. Additionally, professional interior designers possess appropriate knowledge about space planning, textiles, color schemes, and other things.

Interior Design Degree

What are the Alternative Interior Design Career Paths?

The alternative careers for interior designers are discussed in the following points:

Alternative Career OptionsResponsibilities
Event PlannerFor individuals who like to be organized and creative, this is a fantastic alternative job. And, in this line of work, you will be in charge of organizing and carrying out events, including weddings, parties, and business gatherings. However, this position demands excellent communication and bargaining abilities.
Set DesignerAnyone who enjoys designing and creating but doesn’t want to continue in the interior design industry can consider becoming a set designer. And, as a Set Designer, you will assist in building locations and settings for films, television shows, and stage productions, and must be able to envision the set and bring it to life, which calls for strong creative abilities and a keen eye. Furthermore, this profession demands to be able to design sets that can be recycled or reused, thus sustainable design concepts are also crucial.
Interior DecoratorFor people who love to decorate and have an eye for detail, an Interior Decorator career is a fantastic choice. Here, you will aid clients in making furniture, home furnishings, and accessory choices. Moreover, Interior Decorators must be highly imaginative since they need to picture how different pieces will work together to create a unified space.
Furniture DesignerFor individuals who appreciate the creative process of designing and creating, it is a terrific alternative career. And, mostly to use in residences, workplaces, fashion studios, and public areas, fresh and inventive furniture designs are created with the aid of furniture designers. Additionally, strong creative abilities are necessary for this position because you will need to develop original, cutting-edge concepts that are both useful and aesthetically beautiful, as well as keep up with the most recent trends.
Graphic DesignerThe field of graphic design is excellent if you are looking for alternative occupations that let you express your creativity. However, to design projects and visual concepts for clients, you will use your imagination and computer expertise as a graphic designer. Also, as you must be able to successfully communicate your ideas to clients and other designers, graphic designers need to be great communicators.
Commercial DesignerWhile discussing interior design career alternatives, a career as a Commercial Designer is ideal for people who want to work on significant projects. And, as commercial design experts, it will be your job to create rooms that are both aesthetically beautiful and functional. Furthermore, high levels of creativity and meticulousness are necessary for this position.

Interior Design Degree

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Why LISAA School of Design for the best Interior Design programs?

  • LISAA School of Design is a reputable institution in India that provides both Degree and Diploma courses in Interior Designing.
  • This design institute offers reasonably priced courses by giving students exposure to the market, as well as 100% placement support.
  • Its instructional strategies reflect the realities of the modern workplace and equip students with the skills they will need to conceptualize and present their projects effectively in the workplace. Additionally, it makes students aware of the multiple interior design career opportunities that exist nowadays
  • Overall, the backgrounds of LISAA graduates are made up of creativity, experimentation in volume, the correct technical sense, and the reflexes of professional life, in terms of technology, communication, or new living standards.

Summing Up

According to sources, the distribution of the design industry in India as a whole accounts for 13% of the total. As a result, the enrolment rate for interior design courses in India has increased to 6.81%. And as we have discussed so far, there exist multiple alternative options for a degree holder in interior design. Moreover, such options provide you with the chance to apply your creative and technical expertise in a variety of ways while also giving you the chance to make a good living. So, if you are looking for a different interior design career path, you might want to think about one of the various pathways covered in this blog.


  • Is interior design a good career option?
    For individuals with a creative imagination and passion for the field, it is a great career option. Also, the ability to work in a creative sector while still having financial security makes being an interior designer one of the most appealing occupations you can choose in today’s society.
  • What does the interior designing scope look like?
    Everything from domestic spaces to business spaces, health and safety to educational institutions is included in the interior designing scope. Moreover, such professionals specifically work with customers to develop useful, aesthetically pleasing facilities that also appeal to the community as a whole.
  • What does “Rule 3” in interior design mean to you?
    According to the rule of three, odd-numbered groups of things are more intriguing and eye-catching than even-numbered ones. Moreover, this is applicable in visual artworks, theatre, film, photography, architecture, etc.
  • What are the biggest challenges about interior design career?
    Quality control across the supply chain, cost reduction, living up to the expectations of both new and existing clients, and selecting the appropriate vendors and suppliers are some of the difficulties that interior designers mostly encounter.