Do you know that more than 5 lakh people are employed in the graphic design industry?

But, why does such a huge number opt for graphic design as a career? What makes students choose a graphic design course over many other course options?

Do you want to find the answer to the above question? Do you want to know why you should pursue a graphic design course?

If yes, start reading this blog from us, LISAA  School of Design and get to know about our remarkable graphic design courses as well.

What is a Graphic Design Career about?

World turning digital, communication has taken a huge leap leading to importance for visual attraction and communication, thus creating a great career scope for graphic design.

Working in graphic design entails creating visual compositions that use form, color, typography, and imagery to solve issues and convey ideas. Graphic designers use a variety of media to produce visually compelling ideas that enthrall, educate, and inspire customers.

What is the value of the Graphic Design industry?

The graphic design industry is showing a massive development in terms of industrial value from the past decade. Take a look at the growth in the industrial revenue of the graphic design industry over years.

Source: Statista

With the field itself growing popularly, it holds a great range of graphic design jobs for individuals with degree and knowledge.

Moving on, let us explore the reason to pursue a graphic design course

Reasons to Pursue A Graphic Design Course:

As already seen, the graphic design industry is progressing greatly, thus welcoming professionals in its field with a handsome salary scale. This can be a major reason to take up graphic design courses, yet there are many other reasons to consider.

High Demanded Career:

The fundamental agenda behind taking any course being the career, pursuing an graphic design course helps establish your high demand career.

Advertising, marketing, entertainment, and technology are just a few of the industries that are experiencing an increase in need for qualified graphic designers. Graphic design is becoming an essential part of business strategies as they realize how important visual communication is to engaging their audiences.

Career in Multitude of Industries:

Taking up graphic design courses help you find a way into a multitude of industries as the demand for graphic designers is not confined to the digital communication facet.

Here is a graph depicting the top hiring industries of graphic designers.

Source: True List

Diverse Career Opportunities:

Further beyond industries, pursuing a graphic design course unlocks a great range of diverse career opportunities with notable earning scale as well.

Here are some of the remarkable career options after graphic design courses.

Career OptionsAverage Salary
Web DesignerINR 4 LPA
User Interface DesignerINR 6 LPA
Brand Identity DesignINR 6 LPA
Motion Graphics DesignerINR 4.5 LPA
IllustratorINR 5 LPA
Art DirectorINR 5 LPA
Design ConsultantINR 7 LPA
Creative DirectorINR 6 LPA

Remote and Freelancing Choice:

Unlike many other career choices, graphic design has the privilege of enjoying remote and freelance working environments.

There are lots of options for freelance work and remote work in the graphic design industry. With the ability to set your own hours and work from anywhere, this flexibility is very alluring. The emergence of internet platforms has simplified the process for designers to secure freelance work and expand their clientele internationally.

Considering these factors will make you take up a graphic design course.

If you accept the above statement, then here we are offering the best graphic design courses after 12th.

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Graphic Design Courses Offered at LISAA School of Design:

As one of the best design colleges in India, LISAA School of Design offers a range of graphic design courses which are detailed below.

Course NameDiploma in Graphic DesignB Des in Graphic DesignMDes in Graphic Design
& User Interface
Course DescriptionA Graphic design online course with certificate that focuses on developing knowledge in fundamental aspects of graphic design.A foundational level course that inculcates strong knowledge of the various aspects of graphic design along with its relative facets such as UI/UX, illustration design, and web design.
This course provided hands-on training in every possible technique of graphic design.
An advanced-level graphic design course that introduces students to significantly popular and advanced concepts of graphics and user experience modulation.
LevelGraphic Design Diploma duration is 1 yearBDes Graphic Design duration is 3 years (2 years + 6 months internship)MDes Graphic Design duration is 2 years
Eligibility CriteriaThe basic eligibility criteria to pursue a Diploma in Graphic Design at the LISAA School of Design are as follows:
●       Candidates should have completed 10+2 in any recognized board at any recognized educational institution.
The basic graphic design eligibility criteria for BDes course at LISAA School of Design are as follows:
●       Candidates should have completed 10+2 in any recognized board at any recognized educational institution.
The basic eligibility criteria to pursue an MDes in Graphic Design at the LISAA School of Design are as follows:
●       Candidates should have a graduation degree from any recognized educational institution.
Admission Procedure●       Admission to the diploma course at LISAA is based on the entrance test and personal interview conducted by the school.
Candidates with exceptional skills in arts & design are considered based on interviews and their portfolios.
Admission to BDes Graphic Design at LISAA is based on the entrance test, the LISAA CAT-Creative Aptitude Test conducted by the school.Admission to the postgraduate graphic design course at LISAA is based on the entrance test, the LISAA CAT-Creative Aptitude Test conducted by the school.


On reaching the end of the blog, it is obvious that taking up a graphic design course ensures a great career agenda in the future and so taking it up will be a wiser choice. Start now for your graphic design journey.


⦁ Why to learn graphic design?
One can learn graphic design to establish your career in the communication and design industry with strong skills and knowledge in graphic design.

⦁ How to learn graphic design?
One can learn graphic design by taking up professional courses such as Diploma in Graphic Design, B Des in Graphic Design, etc., at renowned design colleges.

⦁ Why do you want to pursue graphic design?
One can pursue graphic design as the graphic design industry is growing rapidly, thus extending significant career opportunities.

⦁ Why is graphic design powerful?
Graphic Design is powerful because its communication rate and retention rate in the audience is 5 times higher than audio communication.