Volunesia, an app project dedicated to volunteer for social causes

Volunesia, an app project dedicated to volunteer for social causes

This versatile UI UX project done by our graduated batch Graphic Design student, Amit Nair focusses on a Mobile App named Volunesia, exclusively dedicated for enabling the youth to help people or make a change in the society we live in, by volunteering and helping to bring about a difference.

A big deficit in the social space is prevalent in India. Many people have no proper means of fulfilling their social goals or are unaware of the ample opportunities out there. Volunesia helps such people in understanding the opportunity out there and helps them in tapping it. 

Volunesia Teaser – Animation

Volunesia is designed to connect people who are socially inclined and to help them bridge the connection between various NGOs. Target Audience for this app is people around 18-30 years of age.

In the volunteering space, there are very few organizations which offer volunteering opportunities. Even though they do, it is sometimes hard for a person to actually go in search of opportunities available and also to find the one suitable for them and apply for it.

In this case, Volunesia ties up with different organizations across the city and makes them all available on one platform thereby making it easy for the user to be able to easily choose the desired opportunity and execute it.

Awareness campaign creatives have been created to enable people to understand the opportunities out there and how efficiently they can be a part of the change.

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