Dodging into the entertainment industry is becoming a practice in today’s hectic world to shed stress and find relaxation. Such an industry is constituted by multiple facets and the film industry is one among them. The film industry is remarkably pouncing higher with a global market value of USD 27.3 billion in 2022. With so many advancements, filmmaking is turning into one of the creative careers and this article will be a complete guide on how to become a filmmaking expert.

Scope for Film Making as a career

The film filmmaking industry is rapidly growing due to global audience response for entertainment and the expanding industry is ready to welcome skilled film-makers with knowledge about various filmmaking techniques such as digital filmmaking, AI-influenced filmmaking, animated filmmaking, etc.

Take a look at the revenue that movies make in the entertainment industry and it is a strong sign of a great career scope for filmmakers.

Global E and M revenue and nominal growth

India has today turned into one of the promising film industry hubs with a rapid growth in value to INR 172 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow further in the upcoming years.

Source: Statista

Aren’t these graphical data, good proof for a remarkable career scope after a film-making course?

Let us see some of the jobs and filmmaker salaries for respective jobs

Jobs for Animation ProfessionalsJob DescriptionAverage Salary in INR
2D Animator2D Animator creates two-dimensional animations for motion pictures such as movies.3,00,000
3D Animator3D Animator creates three-dimensional animations for motion pictures such as movies.3,55,706
Production DesignerProduction Designer is responsible for visual concepts of film, television, or theatre production.4,50,000
DirectorThe Director is involved in constructing the required visual output on the screen.37,20,000
Script WriterScript Writer is involved in developing relevant scripts for movies, TV series, etc.3,50,000
Digital PainterDigital Painter is involved in creating visual touches to the frames via animation and graphics.3,60,000

Now, let us explore the right pathway to becoming an efficient filmmaker.

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Complete guide to becoming an expert film-maker

Film-makers require a great set of skills that allows them to incorporate their creativity in imaging and developing scenes. This expertise in filmmaking can be obtained by following the below-mentioned steps:

Get educated with a filmmaking course

The primary step towards becoming an expert filmmaker is to get a proper filmmaking education.

Take up filmmaking courses after 12th such as Bachelor in Film Making to acquire the required knowledge in the filmmaking process. The syllabus of filmmaking courses will educate on the techniques and nuances of filmmaking and develop students into knowledgeable filmmakers,

While enrolling for film courses, always make sure to choose the right college for in-depth film education. Our college, LISAA, School of Design, one of the best filmmaking colleges in India offers a remarkable filmmaking education program, i.e., BSc in Film Making.

Take up hands-on training

Along with your film courses, commence making short films and videos to develop your filmmaking skills. Doing so will help learn more filmmaking techniques and nuances and help you refine your skills and ideation capacity.

Pursuing film courses at top institutes such as ours, LISAA School of Design, the best school in Karnataka for filmmaking courses will provide various projects to learn from and also offer internship options under major film experts.

Master Technical Skills

Master technical skills along with your film education which are highly essential in film making.

Some of the prominent technical skills mandatory in filmmaking are as follows:
⦁ Lighting Skills
⦁ Shot Angling Skills
⦁ Film Editing Skills
⦁ Background Skills
⦁ Focusing Skills
⦁ Animation skills

Develop storytelling ability

One of the most important skills required for filmmaking is the ability to narrate a story in such a way that it gets immediately envisioned in the listener’s mind.

The best sign for a story to be effective is the appearance of vision in the listener’s mind.

Narrating skills can be developed by writing more story scripts, taking short films, etc.

Engage in the Networking Process

Networking with peers in the same film industry will be the best way to chisel oneself into a remarkable filmmaker.

Networking will be useful in terms of discussion and ideation process for filmmaking.

Taking up courses in top colleges such as ours, LISAA School of Design, one of the top animation colleges in India will offer great exposure to develop networks in the film industry.

Stay consistent and stay updated

Consistency is very important to become an expert filmmaker. Always stay updated with the latest technologies in the filmmaking industry. Read and research articles written by top filmmakers.

Following the above steps will surely lift you to a great position in the film industry and make you an expert filmmaker.

Reasons to choose LISAA School of Design for your filmmaking course

Being one of the best film schools in India, we offer enormous reasons for you to choose us and some of them are as follows:
⦁ Technically sound education with remarkable teaching faculties.
⦁ Wide exposure to real-time industries through industrial visits, projects, seminars, etc.
⦁ Hands-on training in the nuances of the animation industry.
⦁ Sound infrastructure provisions.

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Hope this blog answers your major question, “How do I start a career in filmmaking?”

Final words here, an expert filmmaker is created over time, and staying in lane is the most important thing in the film industry. Stay focused and upscale your skills frequently to become a master in filmmaking. Let you add colors to images that create emotions in your viewers.


⦁ How can I study Filmmaking?
One can study filmmaking after the 12th by choosing an undergraduate filmmaking course, BSc in Film Making at reputed institutes in India.

⦁ How do you become a professional filmmaker?
One can become a professional filmmaker by completing a filmmaking degree such as BSc in Film Making at any recognized film education institute.

⦁ What qualifications do I need to be a film director?
The educational qualification required to become a film director is an undergraduate degree, BSc in Film Making. Technical qualifications such as lighting skills, cinematography skills, etc. are also required.

⦁ Do filmmakers earn money?
Yes, filmmakers earn good money by producing super-hit films with quality stories and cinematography.

⦁ How can I join the Bollywood film industry?
One can join the Bollywood film industry by directing films or by joining as an assistant under famous Bollywood directors.