Have you been a movie buff since a young age? If yes, then a career in the movie industry might have been one of your dreams since childhood. Did you know that you could make your dream come true? Yes. You can now sign up for various filmmaking courses that will help you learn all the skills like shooting, directing, editing, etc that you’ll need to make your dreams come to fruition and tell your story to the masses.

In this blog, we talk about one such filmmaking course – BSc in Film Making, and also the skills you’ll need to have a successful career in the film industry.

BSc in Filmmaking Overview

This course stands for Bachelor of Science in Film Making. It is a professional undergraduate course in the art of creating films that teach candidates all the necessary skills and techniques to have a career in the film industry. This course generally goes on for a duration of 3 years, with 2 semesters per year for a total of 6 semesters. Here is a table to give you an overview of what this course entails.

Course NameBachelor of Science in Film Making
Course LevelUndergraduate
Course Duration3 years
Mode of ExaminationSemester system
Eligibility Criteria10+2 passed
Average SalaryINR 2.5 – 10.5 LPA
Common Job ProfilesCasting Director, Film Director, Cinematographer, Film Editor, Production Assistant, Set Manager, etc.
Top RecruitersFilm Production Houses, Advertising Agencies, Media Firms, T.V. Production Houses

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for getting into BSc film making colleges like LISAA are pretty straightforward and simple. All the students need to do to be eligible for this course is have a valid 10+2 pass certificate from any recognized board or university. That’s it.

Subjects in a Filmmaking Course

The various subjects taught in a typical filmmaking course include the following.

Indian Arts & CultureFilm History & Appreciation
DirectionAdvertising, Corporate Communication & MarketingUndergraduate
Writing for MediaMedia Acting
EditingRadio Production
Sound DesigningTelevision Production
Make-up & CostumesFilm Management

Skills Required to Excel in Filmmaking

Since the making of a film is usually a vast project that involves many moving parts, and multiple people, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. That is why filmmakers are expected to have a handle on multiple skills to be at the top of their game. Let us discuss some of these skills required to be successful both as a filmmaker and in a filmmaking course.

Technical Know-How

Filmmakers need a lot of equipment and technology these days to make their final product. These things affect the effects, mood, setting, etc., of the film depending on how they are used. Some of the equipment that filmmakers use on a regular basis include cameras and lenses, lights and reflectors, microphones, camera supports, green screens, motion-capture trolleys, etc.

On top of the various equipment, filmmakers must also be adept in the post-production processes like special effects, editing, cleaning shots, splicing, sound layering, and a lot more. To do these, they must be very used to various software and hardware tools.

Creativity and Flexibility

What no film making courses in India and the rest of the world can teach you is creativity. To do that you must invest time in understanding the wide range of filmmaking specialities. You will need to have a vision, visualize what you need, and work with other members of your crew to achieve that. Flexibility is also another important skill that you need to have in tandem with intrinsic creativity to make the most out of your career in filmmaking. As you might have heard, big productions never go as expected and you need the flexibility to work unrelentingly toward your creative vision.

Communication and Teamwork Ability

The making of a film is usually a very complex process that requires a lot of manpower and man-hours. Many experienced professionals come together and collaborate to make a movie. That is why, as a filmmaker, you need to be able to work well with a team and explain your vision or what you need from them clearly. Some of the people you will work with as a filmmaker may include:

  • Director and assistant director (AD)
  • Producers
  • Production coordinator and production assistants (PAs)
  • Director of photography
  • Cinematographers
  • Camera operators
  • Actors
  • Stunt coordinators and stunt people
  • Gaffers, grips, and boom operators
  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Composer
  • Costume designers and hair and makeup artists
  • Set designers, scenic artists, set construction coordinators and set dressers
  • Casting director and casting assistants

Visual Storytelling

This refers to the use of non-verbal elements of a story, which play a very important part in what the scene communicates to the audience. Understanding cinematography principles like camera angles, areas of focus, background and foreground composition, camera movement, and shot composition can go a long way in creating a piece of art.


There are many skills that are required in a BSc in Film making course, which become extremely invaluable for a career in film and tv production. From the initial conception of an idea to communicating it to the audience is a long process and it requires working effectively with a lot of other professionals to pull it off successfully.


  • What is the range of film-making course fees in India?
    Film making courses fees in India typically range from INR 7-12 lakhs depending on the institute in India.
  • What is the salary of a director?
    Depending on a lot of factors like the producer, budget, size of the production, experience, etc, the salary of a director in India can range from INR 10 lakh to INR 1 crore.
  • Can a screenwriter or scriptwriter be considered a filmmaker?
    Yes. The story is like the skeleton of any film and screenwriters or scriptwriters are the ones who bring it to life in text first. Hence, they can definitely be considered filmmakers.
  • Which is the best college for Bsc in filmmaking courses in Bangalore?
    LISAA is the best college for film making courses Bangalore.