Mr.Mossi visit to LISAA

Mr.Mossi visit to LISAA

Fashion, Different cultures having different perspectives but all have one thing in common, that is knowledge, creativity, and aesthetics.The students of LISAA school of design got an opportunity to meet Mr. Mossi, Traore, a French designer and his team who not only gave an insight of the global fashion industry but also gave his inputs about the opportunities that the students can get if they just take a step forward towards their dream.

The Fashion students had showcased their work including their Design collections, various embroidery works, products developed using natural dyes to Mr.Mossi and team. The students felt the interaction to be very insightful and motivating for them to progress with their dreams as a Fashion Designer. 

“Mr. Mossi’s interaction session was eye-opening to me as it helped self-evaluate my knowledge of fashion and the input about the top brands, labels and designers was informative, yet he put it in a funny and, last but not, the least his journey into fashion was very inspiring and he was easy going with a friendly attitude, he didn’t let anyone get intimidated by his achievements but got us inspired.” 

“ Meeting Mr.Mossi was a really fun and exciting experience. It was nice to meet a professional fashion designer. He gave us an idea of what it takes to be a fashion designer and it was really an eye opening experience. We liked how crazy he was about fashion and it really inspired us” 

Along with Mr.Mossi and his team, we also had Ms.Lucille Guillet, Program officer of University and Scientific cooperation, French Embassy in India, Dr.Anupama Ambika Anilkumar, Deputy Attache for University and Scientific cooperation, French Embassy in India and Mr.Yash Khakhar, Campus France Manager, Bangalore, French Embassy in India. Mr.Yash Khakhar had also witnessed the students in regards to the prospects of studying in France and various scholarships available for the students.

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