A peek -a -boo Story

A peek -a -boo Story

Dressing is a way of life and it is what is being inculcated in today’s generations’ minds. With a plethora of different brands getting involved in this segment, the young designers of tomorrow have tried to create this metaphorical project between the magnetic attraction of kids wear silhouettes and the color story of their first step into this world.

For 1st sem Fashion students the moment they step into a Pattern making & garment construction class is like stepping into a new world where the books suddenly turn into sewing machines & brown papers. The subject is very technical and requires a lot of skills & patience.

Students, initially are supposed to achieve small milestones like stitching perfect straight lines, wavy lines, circles & other basic shapes and then later other projects are given.

The projects given to the students were to design and develop infant clothes for 0-3 Months & A-line frocks for 4 year olds.The goal of the project was to finally learn stitching kids-wear garments with proper finishing. 

The students in groups sourced the fabrics which inturn complement each other’s garments. The idea was to make mass market combo pack options.The idea of in-depth Conceptualisation & design process is not incorporated here. The idea is to keep the  theme simple & direct, connecting to kidswear with key-words like – picnic, festive, cute, cartoons, florals, animals, zoo, candies, cotton, vibrant colors, etc. The students connected very quickly to these keywords without the philosophy of the design process.