B Sc in Film Making

With Specializations in Cinematography, Direction and Editing

Foundation Year

Foundation Year is the First Year of Higher Education Courses provided at LISAA.

Diploma in Graphic Design

Graphic & Web Design Course Objectives To introduce the student to basic graphic design principles. To familiarise the student with web technology. To Enable the student to design and deploy web pages. Semester 1 Module 1: Graphic Design for Web Designers (78 hours) Elements of Design Principles of Design Colour theory and Colour schemes Typography […]

Diploma in Fashion Design

Fashion Design and Fashion Product Management (One Year Course) Objectives: To impart knowledge in fashion design,retail management and fashion industry To prepare the students with necessary techniques like drawing, color,material usage,CAD, etc.,usedby designers throughout the world Semester 1 Module 1: Fashion Design and Illustration(50hrs) Elements and Principles of design Color schemes and colors psychology Introduction […]

Diploma in Interior Design

Outline for Interior Design course Objectives To enable students to use AutoCAD for designing, rendering 2d, rendering 3d drawings & drawing layouts. To familiarize the student with interior space planning, right from the design brief to the final design proposal stage of a project.  To introduce the student to basic principles of design & visual […]