Banana Fiber Workshop at Hampi

Banana Fiber Workshop at Hampi

LISAA school of design organized a study trip & workshop for the BVA Foundation and the BVA Interior Design students to one of India’s most popular heritage sites at Hampi. The trip was schematized from 13th to 15th of July 2022, the students had a tremendous exposure to the art, architecture with profound creative interaction with the local artisans at Kishkindia Trust, at Anegundi, accompanied by the faculty members Mr. Reji Arackal, Mr. Tapan, Mr. Fabrice, Mrs. Priya and Mrs. Sanika.

Banana Fiber Workshop
LISAA Students from BVA Foundation.

Ardra Biju Gopal shares her experience

Our innovative and memorable Study trip consisted of assorted visits to temple complexes, hills, rivers, with beautiful and traditional temple architecture. Adequate room was provided to sit and sketch profound and exceptionally memorable pictures. Altogether, it was a lot of fun, especially the occasional detours from the itinerary, whether it was to walk on a long bridge overlooking the beautiful sea or to go shopping for souvenirs. One of the major highlights of the trip was the banana fiber workshop. We were able to sit along with the women behind the craft who taught us the process of weaving banana fiber into different shapes and forms. Some people weaved tiny bags or bracelets while others made coasters or pouches. The process itself was tough but rather rewarding to watch our designs come to life. Later, we were bestowed the opportunity to support the artisans by purchasing products from their shops. One of my personal favorite shops were, when we stopped at Hemakuta hills, we climbed to the top and spent some time sketching the temples and ponds. The scenery was peaceful and the time spent there was rather healing. It helped erase some of the stress of everyday life as the slow breeze and beautiful view could easily convince anyone to forget their worries instantly. The whole trip all in all was really challenging, and extremely rewarding experience for all of us. If I were given the opportunity to go again, I would most definitely seize it.

Anushri Krishna Savanth shares her thoughts…

I and the other students of LISAA school of Design embarked on a 3 day educational trip to Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site. We visited numerous attractions like the Hampi Archaeological Museum, the Vijaya Vittala Temple, the Royal Enclosure, Mountain Temples and even the Chalukian sites of Aihole, Pattdakal and Badami. We ended the trip by attending a banana fiber workshop.

I found the trip very eventful, enlightening  and fruitful. Many of us got the opportunity to experience these marvelous attractions first handedly – visually and sensually. I have grown a newfound appreciation upon witnessing the endurance and precision of Hampi architecture and sculptures, up close. The trip was also a chance to hone our live sketching skills and enjoy traveling with peers and teachers. Though the trip was short, it was extremely memorable and deeply rooted.

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