Although graphic design is occasionally considered to be a single discipline, there are many different specializations associated with this. Moreover, as a result of the expansion of digital media and e-commerce in India, the Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts that there will be roughly 23,900 job opportunities for graphic designers between 2020 and 2030.

So, whether you are a beginner who wants to learn how to become a graphic designer or an experienced professional looking to switch careers, you may continue reading this blog to learn more about the most sought-after Graphic Design Careers in 2023 and identify which type of graphic designing specialty best matches your skills and interests.

What is the scope of Graphic Designing in India?

The development of digital media and the rising desire for effective and visually appealing communication has led to a significant expansion of graphic design’s application in India in recent years. Nevertheless, the industries to greatly benefit from graphic design are shown below:

Graphic Design Careers


Moreover, working in graphic design areas requires you to complete an educational program on the same. And, the greatest Bachelor’s in graphic design programs offered by the LISAA School of Design, Bangalore, is detailed here:

Course TypeUndergraduate
Program IDBGD
Course Duration4 years
Admission ProcedureBased on the candidate’s overall performance in the LISAA Creative Aptitude Test (CAT) and the following interview rounds.

What careers can you go into with graphic design?

Now that you have a basic understanding of the potential for graphic design in a country like India, let us explore some of the career options for graphic designers that exist in the current job market.

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  • Marketing & Advertising Design

    Every company’s promotional strategy must include marketing and advertising designs, whether they appear in print or online. However, because the goal of these fields is to persuade consumers to purchase or sign up for a good or service, graphic designers working in marketing and advertising need to have a strong understanding of behavioral psychology when it comes to consumer purchasing behavior. This industry is also frequently recognized for offering the highest paying graphic design jobs, where their duties revolve around print and digital commercials, social media graphics, podcast cover art, banners, marketing emails, brochures, vehicle wraps, etc.
  • Brand Identity Design

    Most people automatically link graphic design with creating logos when they think of it, but brand identity is a more comprehensive specialty of graphic design than logo design. In addition to developing a company’s logo, identity designers also develop the overall tone and aesthetic of its visual presence. Also, they develop color schemes, choose the kinds of photos a business will employ, choose the font, and produce other supporting visual components as part of this. As a whole, brand identity designers are in charge of creating the visual identity of the organizations they work for.
  • Web & User Interface Design

    Designs for websites and applications are made by web and UI designers, and besides a firm knowledge of design ideas, they also need to comprehend user experience design and the fundamentals of coding. Although Web and UI designers may not write any code, their knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the code that underpins websites and apps makes them more important members of any design team. Additionally, there are several parallels between the work that a graphic designer and UI UX designer do, such as the creation of landing pages, marketing websites, app designs, gaming interfaces, and WordPress sites.
  • Data Visualization & Infographic Designing

    Infographic and data visualization designers must have a solid understanding of the best ways to represent data in a clear and understandable way. Nevertheless, to perform this kind of graphic design job, you must be able to work with enormous data sets and present that data in a way that is understandable to non-data scientists.
  • Packaging Design

    Packaging designers are responsible for designing everything from cereal boxes to the tags on high-end apparel. And, to succeed in this profession, you must have a solid understanding of branding as well as consumer behavioural psychology. Additionally, such types of graphic design careers demand you to be knowledgeable with typography, colour theory, and any rules or legislation pertaining to the information that must be included.
  • Graphic Illustration

    Illustration may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of graphic design. But, graphic illustration, which is primarily concerned with building a brand’s robust online presence, is included in the graphic designer work list. Perhaps, the graphic illustrators’ primary duties are to produce illustrations for editorial and commercial use, as well as for use on websites and social media.

Salary Trends

The most frequently asked question, “Is graphic design a good career?” has an antagonistic relationship with income patterns. As a result, we have created the accompanying graphical representation, which clearly illustrates the pay scale for various occupations in graphic design.

Graphic Design Careers

Self-created Source of information: pay-scale

Reasons to Choose LISAA School of Design for graphic designing courses

  • Its study programs are run and led by energetic and creative specialists who provide state-of-the-art teaching equipment with enough customization support for fantastic graphic design careers.
  • Every year, it provides placement aid to all students in their final year in a fantastic and organized process, which gives them the chance to land a position at any reputable corporate company, both domestically and internationally.
  • It takes action to find out what pupils’ intended careers will be, also trains experts to follow market trends.
  • The design institute encourages students to explore alternative careers for graphic designers through appropriate instruction, resources, and additional efforts.

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To Summarize

Maintaining consistency across all of your marketing materials makes it possible for people to recognize your brand and familiarize themselves with the products and services your business offers. And, hence the use of graphic design is essential to developing a credible brand and optimizing your marketing efforts across all platforms. Although some graphic design careers require you to work on a variety of projects, others call for you to focus more on specific areas of graphic design expertise.


  • Is graphic design a high paying job?
    Yes, due to the specialized nature of their work, graphic designers can make significant incomes. In addition, more content equals more opportunity to create the visual components of that information, which is why there is an increasing demand for graphic designers, particularly in this age of technology. However, the highest reported pay for graphic designers may range from 20 to 40 LPA.
  • Is graphic design a skilled job?
    Since graphic designers blend art and technology, they also need to be experts in design software and design principles. Additionally, they must develop crucial abilities like communication, problem-solving, creativity, illustration, etc to frequently collaborate with clients and coworkers on a variety of projects.
  • Is graphic design a worthy career?
    If you like to create, enjoy using technology, and love interacting with people, a career in graphic design can be the best for you. Additionally, you can further examine the significant graphic design career options by enrolling in the LISAA School of Design in Bangalore.
  • What is the package of graphic designer in India?
    The typical pay for graphic designers in India ranges from 1.0 to 6.4 LPA. But, with years of expertise and skill enhancement, these individuals may earn up to 20 LPA or more.