Admission Process:
In order to handle huge volumes of applications each year, LISAA School of Design entrance exams online to suit the student’s needs. The students (from out of Bangalore) while sitting at home can take the LISAA CAT entrance exam by following the steps mentioned below:-

  • Step 1 Submit the inquiry form and register for LISAA’s Creative Aptitude Test (CAT). Or send an email to and one of the Admissions Team members will get in touch soon.
  • Step 2 Admissions team will send the entrance test and other details over emails.
  • Step 3 Student has about a total of 6 hrs to complete the exam and submit the scanned answer sheet via email.
  • Step 4 Results are declared usually within 24 hrs (please reach out to your Admissions Team member if you do not hear within this timeframe).
  • Step 5 Personal interview through Skype, Phone, or in-person & Portfolio Assessment (if required).
  • Step 6 Fee Payment within 10 days of receiving confirmation to reserve the seat.

Students who are able to appear for the entrance test at the LISAA Center are requested to connect with the admissions team to set up a time slot for them.
In some rare cases, students can be directly admitted based on a personal interview / Skype Chat (please talk to your Admissions Coordinator for details).

Sample CAT Examination Papers can be requested.

Please fill the application form and one of our Admissions Team Coordinator will be in touch with you soon. Or you can send an email to us at