Foundation Program in Design (Degree)

LISAA's Foundation Year Course provides the base for Designers of any type. It includes extensive Drawing and exploration of Design Concepts.

1 (One) Year


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Bachelors Program

The course consists of 28 hours per week divided into three different categories of teaching. The Foundation Year consists of First Year of studies for all Undergraduate Programs offered at LISAA School Of Design.

With the representation techniques, the students gain the ability to give life to their ideas. By the end of the foundation year, the student will have mastered all of these techniques and be ready to continue in one of the advanced courses offered at Lisaa or by another national or international Art and design school or university. The student receives complete training in observation drawing, perspective, color and modeling.

A course on creativity enhances and brings the necessary methods to work efficiently. In the foundation course, the approach is to experiment in each field. The students therefore get to try their hand at fashion design, interior design, graphic design & illustration. The various projects carried out by the student will help him or her to determine a future orientation.

In the specialized foundation courses, the students confirm their vocation. During weekly workshops, they work on specific projects and gain the essential know-how of the design field targeted.

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