Animation & Multimedia Design (Degree)

LISAA Animation & Multimedia Design, offers in-depth teaching of Animation, Multimedia & Film Making. Offering Degree and Diploma Courses in Animation & Multimedia.

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Bachelors Program

LISAA School Of Design offers you the best University Bachelor’s (Undergraduate) degree in Animation & Multimedia Design. Considering the importance, the way we teach and you learn, supports your comfort level and prepares you for an enterprising future. We induce creativity in you so that you can light up animated screens around the world. We invite you to join our creative team of students who are learning Animation & Multimedia Design along with skills development in Film Making. You get an exposure to Film appreciation & analysis, Computer Applications and Information Technology, Theory of Design, Post-production, etc. The course is designed to take you on flight in the creative animation sector.


  • University Degree in Animation & Multimedia Design
  • International Diploma in Animation Design from LISAA France
  • Advanced Diploma awarded by JNTE-CSD

LISAA’s course in Animation & Film Making (with emphasis on Digital Film Making) course address film and video production and typically combines technical, practical, critical and theoretical coursework. The course introduces students to the three stages of film production: development, filming and editing, also known as pre-production, production and post-production.

Digital Film making is a unique medium that combines camera technique, style, storytelling and time. The course offers students many perspectives of the art and craft of film making that shape their finished film artwork, as well as gain instruction in the business aspect of the film industry such as production management, marketing, and festival/exhibition organization among others. Students will explore and experiment, and find their individual voice while also working within a collaborative framework. Students will build their skills and ideas through the process of making.

Careers after Bachelors in Animation and Multimedia (Film Making)
The scope for an Animation and Multimedia pass out is huge. The industry offers positions for 2D and 3D artists,Illustration artists, Video developer, UI UX Designer ,Graphic Editor, 3D Generalist, Character Artist, etc.It also provides opportunity to Concept artist, Storyboard developer, Visual Communication consultant, and many more.

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