All lockers made available for student use on LISAA Bangalore & CREO Valley premises are the property of Saipath Education & Film Services Pvt Ltd. They are made available for storing school supplies and personal items necessary for use at the school campus. Lockers at LISAA Bangalore premises are not to be used to store items, which cause, or can reasonably, be foreseen to cause, an impediment to school operations (especially flammable, explosive materials or equipment or weapons of any type), or which are forbidden by Indian regulations or school rules. Being the property of Saipath, these lockers do not bestow privacy to the students temporarily using them: SAIPATH retains the right to inspect the locker and its contents at any time to ensure that the locker is being used in accordance with its intended purpose, and to eliminate fire or other hazards, maintain sanitary conditions, attempt to locate lost or stolen materials or any other material forbidden by school rules.

At SAIPATH, below are the types of lockers designated for student use.

  1. Free Lockers: Lockers for academic year use located in departmental premises: there are primarily allocated to students from Foundation Year at LISAA Bangalore. These lockers are provided at no cost to first year or foundation year students at LISAA Bangalore
  2. Chargeable Lockers: Lockers for academic year use located in non-departmental premises: these are allocated upon request. These lockers are available at an annual non-refundable charge of nominal fee per locker. The annual calendar is decided based on the Academic Calendar of the schools

In all cases, lockers are available on a first come, first serve basis. To receive a locker, students should visit the Operations office. Yearly use lockers are to be used for one academic year. At the end of the academic year, students should return their locker keys to the Operations Office as part of the leaving procedure. Failure to do so will result in a non-refundable nominal fee. Students must fulfill all academic and financial requirements before graduation, including any locker fees due. Failure to satisfy academic and financial requirements may result in a delay in releasing the diploma/degree, and students with outstanding balances at graduation will not be eligible for School services including transcript copies or verification of degrees.

  • Waiting list for academic year use lockers: The names of students who request but do not receive lockers will be placed on a waiting list, based on the time of request. If a locker becomes available, the student on the waiting list will receive it and be notified by e-mail
  • Replacement of keys: Locker keys are given for one academic year. Loss of a key or damage to a locker will result in a nominal replacement fee, applicable to all lockers. Replacement keys should be ordered at the Operations Office
  • Transfer of the lockers: Students shall not transfer the key or the right to use their lockers to other students or any other third person. In case the student allows any third person to place anything to the locker the student shall take sole responsibility towards SAIPATH for the items place and towards third person for the damage or lost of such items
  • Withdrawal of Studies: Students who withdraw from studies or whose studies are terminated must clear their lockers within 3 days of withdrawal/termination. After 3 days, the Discipline Committee shall have the authority to open such lockers and dispose of all property found therein
  • Other: SAIPATH does not assume any responsibility for belongings that are left in any lockers over night. SAIPATH and the Security Service are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.